Over 100 Staycation Ideas

Don’t have the budget to swing an expensive vacation this summer? Even though Disneyland, cruises, and road trips are super fun, for the normal person it’s just not practical to splurge on one every single year. It’s still nice to have some type of family vacation, though, right? Well, here’s the list to save your vacation woes…Over 100 Budget-Saving Staycation Ideas!

Over 100 Budget-Saving Staycation Ideas / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #staycation #summer


Yesterday was Wonder Woman’s last day of 2nd grade, so our house is on ‘official’ summer break mode. Seriously, WHY do kids go crazy the DAY it’s summer break? Do they have a switch? Whatever it is, I do find it slightly annoying. Anywho…since we’re trying our hardest to get out of debt, we’re putting the big N-O to any big vacation plans this year. I don’t want to do NOTHING, though, so went on the search for some awesome Staycation Ideas. This list of over 100 ideas will have us spending plenty of staycation time together, and I’m sure there’s something perfect for your family, too!

Over 100 Budget-Saving Staycation Ideas / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #staycation #summer


Here’s 25 Awesome Staycation Ideas over at Living Well Spending Less

The Extreme Coupon Professors have 100 Staycation Ideas for Your Summer Fun

Over 100 Budget-Saving Staycation Ideas / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #staycation #summer

Six Sisters’ Stuff shared these 30 Cheap Staycation Ideas, and they’re fabulous!

Forbes has a list of 16 Things To Do On a Staycation that’ll help get your brainstorming going

Over 100 Budget-Saving Staycation Ideas / by www.BusyMomsHelper.com #staycation #summer

My family (and sometimes just Hubby and I) will surely enjoy some of these 123 Amazing Staycation Ideas from the lovely Dating Divas

What better way to relax and enjoy yourself than with these 22 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort from This Old House?!

Have you done any Staycations in the past that you absolutely loved? Please share in the comments below!

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    So much fun to see our 123 Amazing Summer Staycation Ideas shared with your readers!!! It’s summer which makes it the perfect time to steal a lot of these ideas! Thanks for sharing us!!! xox

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      Oh, you’re so welcome! I LOVE The Dating Divas site, and get tons of ideas for myself all the time….thought this was the perfect opportunity to share just some of your fabulous ideas 😀 Hugs to all you fabulous Divas!!!