Christmas Crafts that your kids can do

If there is one thing that I loved more than receiving gifts from Santa during Christmas when I was little, then it had to be doing amazing crafts with my parents. There is something special about getting together as a family and spending precious time together and there is no better way to do this other than to create fun Christmas crafts. If you are lacking ideas of what Christmas crafts to create with your family, then you have arrived at the right place because today, I am going to share with you the crafts that my family loves doing the most.

Top 10 Fun Christmas Crafts for You and Your Kids

#1 Mini Christmas Trees

Your house needs to be filled with decorations during Christmas. This is a must if you want your kids to feel the joy of the holidays! The best way to get your kids involved in fun family activities and to allow them to express their creativity by crafting mini Christmas trees with decorations. All you need are some straws, paper, glitter, and some paint.

Looking to spice up your mini Christmas Trees? There are 50 more ideas in here.

#2 Reindeer Ornaments

Vanilla Plain MomDoes it feel like your Christmas tree doesn’t have enough ornaments? Fortunately, you can craft reindeer ornaments with your family and the only thing you need is a simple toilet paper roll. Your kids will love coloring these funny-looking reindeer.

Looking for a quick and easy reindeer ornament? Vanilla Plain Mom has one for you!

#3 The Christmas Gnome

Just like the star ornament is a tradition to place on top of the Christmas tree, you should also place a couple of gnomes around your home. The great thing about these gnomes is that you can craft them with a mason jar and some felt.

#4 Pinecone Tree

If you are searching for an easy DIY craft that your kids are going to have a blast with, then you might want to start gathering all the pine cones from your yard. The kids will have a great time coloring and adding dots to the pinecone tree to make it more festive.

#5 Burlap Reindeer

How difficult do you think it is to craft an adorable looking reindeer ornament that you can hang on your Christmas tree? With only a handful section of burlap, you and your kiddos can craft Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer and all of Santa’s other reindeer fleet.

#6 Melted Beads

If you have any bracelet beads around your home, then you should be pleased to know that you can turn them into adorable crafty ornaments. Tell your kids to place their favorite beads in the cookie cutter and then just melt them into shape.

#7 Clothespin Snowmen

Here is another Christmas craft that will blow your kids away! Clothespin snowmen are super easy and fast to craft, and they will look amazing in your home. Just give this Christmas craft a try and you will quickly see how much joy it can bring to your kids.

#8 Paper Straw Christmas Trees

If your kids love Christmas and how magical the tree looks, then you are going to want to let them craft their paper straw Christmas trees. This craft looks amazing and more importantly, the paper straw Christmas trees are super simple to create. All you need is a couple of paper straws and some glue.

#9 Pop Stick Characters

Kids will eat lots of candy during the Christmas holidays and there is no doubt about that. Although, you may not want to throw away the pop sticks after the candy runs out. The reason behind this is that you can create amazing-looking pop stick characters.

#10 Fingerprint Print Reindeer

You probably have lots of Christmas baubles around your house and the best way to turn them into a fun craft that you can do with your family is to use the fingerprints of your kids to create personalized reindeer baubles. You can also give these reindeer baubles as gifts to the people you love.

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