Creamy Dr Pepper Mocktail

Awww, Dr Pepper – one of the loves of my life! Seriously, even ask my hubby – he fully knows and accepts my daily enjoyment of this drink. Sometimes I do like to ‘mix it up’ a bit, though, and try it either in some tasty recipes for cooking and baking, or twist up the drink a bit for a nice new refreshment. This Creamy Dr Pepper Mocktail is super delish, and can be whipped up in a flash!

Creamy Dr Pepper Mocktail / by Busy Mom's Helper

There’s so many ways to switch this up, but this is the starter version I like best so far! There’s a drink place in my hometown that serves something called a ‘Woot Woot’ (awesome name, right?) and it uses Dr Pepper, with a fun and flavorful twist like this. I love it! When we went to visit this summer I think we went and got one 4-5 times – BIG ones!

Creamy Dr Pepper Mocktail / by Busy Mom's Helper

I love how creamy the flavoring is in this – sounds kind of weird, but yes the flavors mix together so smoothly that I’d call it a CREAMY drink!


  • 2 Tbsp. Raspberry Syrup/Flavoring (like Torani)
  • 2 Tbsp. Lemon Juice
  • 12 oz. Dr Pepper
  • 2-4 Tbsp. Half & Half

Creamy Dr Pepper Mocktail / by Busy Mom's Helper


In the bottom of a LARGE glass, pour the syrup and lemon juice. Pour in the Dr Pepper, followed by the Half & Half. Leave room for ice, if you like. Mix a tiny bit (I don’t worry about it because it mixes when you’re pouring anyway). ENJOY!

Creamy Dr Pepper Mocktail / by Busy Mom's Helper

I made this to go along with my football party – all of the recipes were Dr Pepper-themed! The sauces, drinks, even dessert included Dr Pepper in some way. Yumm-o!

Creamy Dr Pepper Mocktail / by Busy Mom's Helper

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