5 Common Cruising Myths Debunked!

I received this Carnival cruise complimentary to help facilitate this post. All opinions are mine alone. #CruisingCarnival

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy writing about our recent anniversary trip, because it’s getting to sort through photos and fun memories for WORK! Not only that, but it took me a long while to be convinced to take my first cruise because of fear or worry, and I don’t want someone else to miss out on a great vacation for the wrong reasons! Today we’ve got 5 Common Cruising Myths Debunked to help you know more of the truth about how amazing cruising is.

Common Cruising Myths Debunked

5 Cruise Myths Debunked! #ad #cruisingcarnival

1: Interior Rooms are Always Cheaper

So many people are convinced that if they want to keep their vacation as affordable as possible, they have to get an interior room. Okay, so this is true quite a bit of the time – but not always, so be careful so you don’t miss out on some of the other options! For example, sometimes cruise lines will discount remaining cabins that didn’t get filled super low right before the departure date, and since many believe interiors to be cheaper, I’ve noticed tons of times when balconies are now the same price or cheaper than interiors were. Be sure to check prices and discounts, and don’t just set your mind on an interior because you ‘believe’ it’ll save you money. Plus, there could be a space difference in the cabins, or proximity to certain areas or the main dining room, that make it actually more value for your money!

5 Cruise Myths Debunked! #ad #cruisingcarnival

2: Cruises are Too Expensive for Families

I honestly believed this for the longest time, so much so that I actually sat down with a bunch of cruise itinerary prices, other vacation sites and prices, and a full-on spreadsheet to figure it out. Yes, I’m a dork – I love my spreadsheets! When it came down to it, taking your family on a cruise can actually be one of the most affordable and value-to-dollar vacations you could do!

Think about it, you’ve got to pay to get there which is a consideration for any trip. You’ve got hotel – but guess what? With a cruise, you pay your cabin fare – or ‘hotel’ – then the entertainment, food and most things are then included! Other trips you’d still have to have a meal and activities/entertainment/tickets column for expenses. Don’t forget about the included ‘Camp Carnival‘ which is a fun, supervision-provided, activity-filled day camp for the kiddos!

3: I’ll Gain a Lot of Weight

Everyone talks about the ’10 lb. gain’ you’re likely to get from cruises. Now this one CAN be true – after all, you’re surrounded by amazing food, with access any hour of the day, and all you can eat! That’s not even considering the specialty dining options available to you. Gaining 10 pounds in a week-long cruise isn’t a ridiculous thought. Here’s the thing – there’s so many ways to balance out all those calories you’ll be inhaling!

5 Cruise Myths Debunked! #ad #cruisingcarnival

  • Take the stairs on the ship instead of always dealing with the elevator (you can see more of the ship this way, too).
  • The gym has excellent equipment – and often with a view right out over the ocean! They also offer a variety of fitness classes or even personal training (for an extra fee).
  • Every ship I’ve been on has had a jogging (or walking) track, so go take a quick or slow stroll
  • Swimming can burn a LOT of calories, as I’m sure the sports court, rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks and other adventurous activities (varies by ship) can

Common Cruising Myths Debunked

4: I’ll Probably be Sick the Whole Time

Of all my worries, THIS was the worst for me – I get motion sickness super bad, and I heard horror stories of sea sickness. Who wants to be miserable and sick their whole vacation? Sure the heck not me! I’m so glad I gave it a chance, though, because with the help of some Dramamine I had very little issues. If the seas were really rough a few times, I’d get a little ‘eh’, but never have thrown up. The staff on one of our cruises told me that it’s funny how many times they hear people say that they were sure they’d be sick, only to find out they’re just fine. Give it a try to know for sure!

5: Pack Plenty to be Prepared

Before our first cruise, tons of people told me to be sure to pack for a variety of weather, multiple clothing options in case I got wet or sweaty during the day, and several swimsuits. Guess what – I didn’t even use half of what I packed, so wasted some valuable space in our cabin with a ginormous suitcase for no reason!

Yes, you want to be prepared, but don’t stress about having multiple outfits for every single day. Check what the weather will likely be, have a jacket in case of a windy evening, take a nice dress/suit for elegant night(s) if you’ll be participating, and yes I’d recommend taking two swimsuits so one can dry while you wear the other one. I’m not the only one who hates putting on wet swimsuits, am I?

There’s plenty of good packing list ideas for cruises, so search online and use your best judgement. For a week-long cruise, I’ll be honest, it’s not a huge deal to wear the same thing twice (particularly bottoms) so don’t hesitate to mix and match pieces so you’re not packing way too much.

5 Cruise Myths Debunked! #ad #cruisingcarnival

Bonus: You Can’t Fit More Than 3-4 People

Think you can’t go on a cruise with you family because there’s 5 or more of you, so you can’t be in the same room? While getting two joining rooms is definitely an option, it’s by no means the ONLY option for larger groups. There are larger cabins that can fit more – some, I’ve heard, can fit as many as 9 or even 14 in the massive ones! I’d recommend calling a helpful Carnival agent directly to discuss what options your family size has for staying together.

5 Cruise Myths Debunked! #ad #cruisingcarnival

What’s holding YOU back from a fabulous cruise vacation?

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