Crystal Palace Buffet at Walt Disney World

I’ve shared a LOT of the amazing time we had in Orlando last year, including several of the great places we ate. Today I wanted to share our experience during dinner at the Crystal Palace Buffet at Walt Disney World. If you’re a fan of Winnie the Pooh, this is the place to go to meet all those favorite characters while grabbing a tasty bite to eat!

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The Crystal Palace Buffet is located in Magic Kingdom, a little to the side of the main square area before the castle. It does the Winnie the Pooh characters – we saw Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Eeyore during out visit. We saw piglet from a distance, but he never made it to the table in the over hour we were there. There was a family sitting next to us (were done with their meal before we even arrived) who stayed that whole time we ate just because they still hadn’t seen Tigger, so probably about 2 hours they waited until he made it there. The characters were great, very happy and friendly and taking their time at the tables.

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We went for dinner, and it had general dinner buffet-type foods such as roast beef (was fantastic), vegetables, fruits, salad bar, and plenty of tasty desserts. When we went, it was super crowded so I never managed to get photos of the actual buffet – sorry! The foods we did try tasted great – nothing spectacular, of course, but a good, filling buffet with plenty of variety for anyone in the family.

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Crystal Palace Buffet at Walt Disney World / an honest review (not sponsored)

The staff was friendly and liked to chat – when we saw them. Probably due to how crowded it was, it took a long while between visits to our table by our waiter. We never got our drinks refilled while we were there, simply because by the time he came around asking if we needed refills we were ready to leave. The great team at Michael’s VIPs can help you know when each of the parks should be busy, or where the best spots to eat based on your preferences are – give them a try!

The atmosphere was very bright and clean – and plants everywhere, like the fun centerpiece with floral Winnie the Pooh characters!

Crystal Palace Buffet at Walt Disney World / an honest review (not sponsored)

The general theme of the ‘event’ is that the Hundred Acre Woods is doing their Friendship Day ‘Celebrazhun’ – and everyone that attends is a friend! They do a song and parade with the characters, and plenty of kids joined in and looked like they were having a wonderful time.

Crystal Palace Buffet at Walt Disney World / an honest review (not sponsored)

Overall, I was really disappointed with the Crystal Palace Buffet at Walt Disney World – but again, it was super crowded which contributed to the busy staff and slow characters. I am looking forward to giving it another try in the future just because I think it could be a great family meal with fun characters and friendly staff – just maybe not on a night they’re doing Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party so it hopefully wouldn’t be so busy. Plus it’s very air-conditioned, which was wonderful on a hot day!

Keep in mind, this is a review about MY experience – different days, times, staff, seasons, and everything else can affect how it goes, so just because it wasn’t great for me doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be absolutely amazing for you!

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