5 Awesome DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas

For those that don’t know, our family is working extremely hard to be able to go visit Disney World later this year – that means saving money, planning ahead, skipping on some ‘extras’ to make it a reality. We’re all on board, and doing little things along the way to keep us excited and the momentum going – such as planning how we’ll customize our MagicBands! This is a great way to personalize your own band, and can be a fun Disney-themed craft project as you’re preparing for your next trip. Here’s 5 Awesome DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas to help get your creativity going!

DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas #disney #magicband #diy #waltdisneyworld #craft If you saw when I shared earlier on why I think MagicBands are completely incredible and super useful on a Disney trip, you’ll know many of the ways you use it at the parks, hotels and more. Well, now you don’t only have your own handy band to help along your trip, but you can personalize it however you want to REALLY make it yours! Plus, it’ll add a little bit of ‘magic’ while you’re planning, preparing and counting down to your next visit.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

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The usual – purchase a design, or buy add-on accessories

You can order fully designed/printed MagicBands from Disney – everything from classic characters, to superhero or Star Wars. There’s also some fun accessories from places like the Disney Store that just pop into the holes along the band for some 3D accents.

DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas #disney #magicband #diy #waltdisneyworld #craft


Okay, how awesome is this Captain America themed band from Creative Green Living? Head over to see how she used paint to customize hers!

DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas #disney #magicband #diy #waltdisneyworld #craft

Temporary Tattoos

Check out how simple it is to use a fun tattoo for your MagicBand at Disney Insider Tips.

DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas #disney #magicband #diy #waltdisneyworld #craft

Or see The Delightful Life for another tutorial…

DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas #disney #magicband #diy #waltdisneyworld #craft


How fantastic is this beautiful jeweled MagicBand from The Delightful Life?! I totally love it – this plus the ‘bonus’ craft at the bottom are likely what I’ll do to customize my own this year!

DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas #disney #magicband #diy #waltdisneyworld #craft

More fun ideas on the blog at Get Away Today!

Nail Polish & Stickers

There’s so many possibilities when you have some nail polish on-hand, so check out ScrapPop for how to use it on your band!

DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas #disney #magicband #diy #waltdisneyworld #craft

Bonus – GLITTER!!!

I absolutely LOVE this MagicBand creation from Creative Green Living – not just because it’s sparkly, but it’s also purple! I want to mix this tutorial with the jewel/bling one on my own band for our trip – I’ll be sure to share pics when it’s done!

DIY Disney MagicBand Decorating Ideas #disney #magicband #diy #waltdisneyworld #craft

How would you customize YOUR MagicBand?

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