DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks

Let this sink in for a moment – it’s less than a month until Valentine’s Day. Please tell me I’m  not the only one in shock – I mean, didn’t it just turn 2018, and already we’re looking to February?! Well, whether we’re ready or not, the holiday is coming – so to TRY and get myself in the festive pink-and-red-everything mood, I wanted to share this fun DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks that I put together.

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy

It’s surprisingly easy, aside from getting the glitter off your hands afterwards (really, I need to find a reliable trick that will help me get rid of the random glitter that sticks around for days after a project because DANG it’s everywhere). You don’t even need a ton of stuff, and you can even let the kids make their own sweet valentine frame for a neat holiday craft.

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy

I love that it’s 3-D looking due to the layer and stacking of the sticks, and that you can customize it to fit your own preferences. Hate pink? Don’t use it. Want larger sparkles instead of tiny glitter? Do it. This is YOUR Valentine frame, so make it your own!

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy


  • 12 full craft sticks
  • 6 full craft sticks cut in half (so 12 halves) – be sure to cut off the sharp edges
  • Hot glue/gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Glitter, sparkles, accents, ribbon, etc. as you see fit
  • Photo

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy


  1. If you haven’t already, cut the 6 craft sticks into halves (does NOT have to be perfect, just ‘ish’). Then, pour your glitter/sparkles of choice into a large plate or tray. I mixed a few colors to get a variety mix (silver, white, pink and purple). Rub one side of each stick (including the halves) with your glue stick – one stick at a time – then rub in the glitter mixture to coat that side. Set aside to dry as you continue with all the sticks.  DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy
  2. Follow the following diagram below to arrange and hot glue your sticks together. 1: put 2 sticks on the left and 2 sticks on the right, connecting at the bottom point of the ‘heart’ (don’t glue in this step). 2: glue a stick on top & between the two sticks on each side (shown in photo 2 and 3 below). 3: glue 2 halves on the top right and 2 halves on the top left to angle in towards the top of the ‘heart’. 4: Turn over and glue 2 halves under the left and 2 halves under the right to do the final point down and in to finish the ‘heart’ shape. 5: Turn it back over and glue 1 half on the left and 1 half on the right to make the top center part more sturdy. 6: Glue 1 half to the left and 1 half to the right for the top ‘corner edge’ parts of the heart – again, to make it sturdy.  DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy
  3. To finish it up, glue a ‘handle’ to the back & bottom of your heart shape with the last full craft stick piece!
  4. Then all you have left is to carefully trace & cut out your photo so it fits on the back of your frame, then carefully glue along the edges so it stays in place.

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy

That’s it! I know that may seem like a lot of steps, but it’s truly simple and takes hardly any time at all. In fact, doing the glitter on the sticks is what took me the longest of everything! Just be sure to follow that diagram photo so you have a visual to help keep it as easy as possible.

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy

You can add accent pieces – like a little ‘jewel’ – or a ribbon, as you see fit. Like I said – make it YOURS! Or customize to the person you’re giving it to 🙂

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy

I had to add the photo hubby and I had taken during family pictures last month because I absolutely LOVE it! Often us moms forget to get photos of us with our kids, and sometimes even less do we get photos with our honey. That’s something I’m trying to work on this year – more photos WITH those I love, not just of them!

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy

One last tip – if you don’t want the ‘craft stick’ tan color showing through, you can use markers or paint before hand to color it, or just be sure to layer up the glitter a lot for full coverage. I kind of like the randomness and dimension to it, but that’s just my personal preference.

DIY Valentine Frame from Craft Sticks #valentine #craft #frame #popsiclesticks #craftsticks #craft #diy What photo would YOU put in this fun DIY Valentine frame?

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  • Hi, great idea for the upcoming Valentine´s day! I was wondering If I want to put the heart in the middle of a cake, would you recommend me use edible glitter or just not to add glitter to the holding stick?

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