IDo3D: Easy 3D Drawing for Kids!

I received an IDo3D kit to assist this post. All opinions are mine alone. #3DPen #FunWith3D

When I was a kid, I never would’ve thought about drawing with a pen to make 3D creations. It was about all I could do to shade my drawings the right way so they’d look somewhat 3-dimensional! Little did I knew we’d spend a weekend letting my kids create their own projects – in 3 dimensions. IDo3D is a great kit for Easy 3D Drawing for Kids!

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 If you recall, last week I shared about the Atmos Flare 3D Drawing Pen, which is aimed a bit more for older kids and adults. The IDo3D is much easier to work with for the younger bunch, so our boys had a blast! One thing I loved was it came with some molds – so you could create arched pieces, then put the pieces together….such as a chest piece, globe, or even a curved hand!

I Do 3D: Easy 3D Drawing for Kids! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

The instructions were clear and simple to follow. You can use the different colored pens on a surface, then when you’re done with the flat you use the LED light to cure it into a solid. Then peal it off and you can use the pen and light to fasten things together at joints.

I Do 3D: Easy 3D Drawing for Kids! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

This IDo3D pack came with purple, green and orange pens, then that blue thing is the light. It can be used on the pens, or we just held it separately sometimes for convenience.

I Do 3D: Easy 3D Drawing for Kids! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

Here’s an example – they drew the alien or astronaut pieces flat, cured them with the light, then peeled them off. They then used the pen/light to fasten the arms to the body, feet sticking out, etc. to make it a more 3D figure.

I Do 3D: Easy 3D Drawing for Kids! #ad #3DPen #FunWith3D

Here’s the boys’ awesome first creations! They had so much fun, and can’t wait to try more complex projects. Maybe we’ll tackle the T-Rex project on the box next – they’d sure love that!

Grab the IDo3D HERE and make your own 3D creations!

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