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No Sew Clown Fish Dog Costume

Guys – how stinkin’ ADORABLE are my dogs? I can’t get over this fluff-balls, and our family just wouldn’t be the same without their funny personalities. Add on this crafty No Sew Clown Fish Dog Costume, and they’re ready for summertime fun! I can totally picture them chasing around my kiddos through the sprinklers in these – just need the weather to cooperate a bit more.

No Sew Clown Fish Dog Costume / by

While the Shark Costume post the other day was sponsored, this post is NOT – it’s just an extra thing I put together for fun, for our pets. 

Look at those big puppy smiles – Kita is on the left above, Tula on the right. LOVE THESE DOGS! I made this Clown Fish Dog Costume for Tula specifically – since they have different body shapes/sizes (Tula’s neck is REALLY long) they couldn’t really fit in the same one. I thought that, since Kita’s more the dominant one, she should be the shark and Tula the cute little fishy.

No Sew Clown Fish Dog Costume / by

Note: All dogs are different shape/size, so I won’t put measurements – just size it to fit your own pup 🙂


  • Orange felt
  • White Felt
  • Black Marker
  • Foam Pieces (or stuffing) for fins
  • Hot glue/gun
  • Ribbon/Velcro to attach at the bottom/belly


  1. Cut out a rounded rectangle for the body from the orange. Glue on three white felt stripes, tracing with black marker.
  2. Cut out the foam pieces to look like fins, then hot glue orange felt around. Glue the small fins on the back, and the side fins on each side.
  3. Add ribbon or velcro pieces to the bottom to secure it at the belly.

That’s it!

No Sew Clown Fish Dog Costume / by

It’s very much like the shark dog costume we shared the other day – plus they’re both NO SEW making it a great, quick craft!

No Sew Clown Fish Dog Costume / by

Which costume would YOUR dog like best?

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