Free Printable 2016 Planner Half-Sized Version

Are y’all ready for some super exciting news? We (finally) were able to make another version of our fabulous 2015-2016 Planner for you! Many of you requested it come in a smaller size – so after much trial and error on our part to get it sized down and easily printable, I’m thrilled to share it with you today! So without further ado – our Free Printable 2016 Planner Half-Sized Version!

Check out our newest planner HERE for 2016-2017, or just 2017!

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / New Half-Sized Version / by Busy Mom's Helper

A few VERY IMPORTANT things about this – PAY ATTENTION!!!

  • It is designed so it can be printed BACK AND FRONT, saving you paper. However, to set it up like this it looks VERY out of order – because it is for normal printing. BUT – when you print it back to front onto 8.5×11 size paper, it will be facing exactly how it should for you to bind it down the middle into the perfect planner/booklet!
  • We found that on home printers, there are margins that come up, no matter what we tried to change. So I highly recommend taking it to a professional printer like Staples or somewhere and having them print it without margins. If you DO want to print it at home, be sure to set it to FIT instead of ACTUAL SIZE/100% or some will get cut off due to margin stuff. Then just trim off the white around the edges and staple/bind as desired!
  • I know this may not be the EXACT size you were wanting, specifically. I received MANY requests for all sorts of custom, smaller sized – I’m very very sorry, but as much as I’d love to make everyone happy, it’s just not realistic. This one version took several days of work and frustration – and I’m giving it to you for FREE. So please forgive if it’s not 100% perfect.

Free Printable 2015-2016 Planner / New Half-Sized Version / by Busy Mom's Helper

Download Here – AFTER reading the above IMPORTANT Notes, please! 

Still just want the full 8.5×11 size planner? Grab it HERE!

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11 Responses to “Free Printable 2016 Planner Half-Sized Version”

  • It won’t let me download the half size planner. It says it is unsafe to download and was blocked by Smartsafe. Is there anyway to get the file emailed to me? I printed your planner last year, loved it, but I did a lot of work myself to make and print it at half size myself so I applaud you for the work you’ve done to make this half size!

    • I was able to get it to work. I just turned off Smartscreen filter and turned it back on after it downloaded!!

  • I know you put so much time and effort into this. Thank you so much 🙂 :-* lots of love from Morocco <3

  • I know you put lots of work into this but I’m old so please bear with me…… Don’t want to waste ink on 96 pages……. I print page one normally on fit to page and page two one back of page one and so on until done. yes

  • Sorry to be a pain, but the link doesn’t work -it says the page ins’t available. Would you be able to take a look?

  • Hey! I was wondering how do i print it? do i have to put to print the pair pages first and then print the odd pages in the back? and which is the final size of each page?

    • Hi Danielle! Thank you for your hard work on creating this calendar! It is exactly what I have been looking for. I have read and reread your instructions, but I’m still a bit unsure on how to print it off correctly. Is it Option 1: Print off the first page, the manually flip page over and put it back in the feedtray to print the back of the paper with the second page?

      Or is it Option 2: Print off half of the document, then take all pages, flip them over and place in paper feedtray and print the second half of the entire document? Thanks!!

  • Hi dear,
    To print back and front, should I adjust to print odd pages first then even pages?

    Please clarify as I am confused right now 🙂

    I already print out January first, but it cant be side by side.

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