Mix Up a Moment with Funfetti® Halloween Treats

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Who else gets super excited for fall? We sure do! While we love summer and do plenty of family activities, something about fall brings out the quality time together even more. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. Maybe it’s that the kids are in school so we appreciate the time we do spend together more. Or perhaps it’s because the upcoming holidays bring out my own inner-kid, so we like to go all out with the fun! While getting ready for Halloween, we had a blast enjoying these delicious Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Halloween Treats – and now YOU can ‘Mix Up a Moment’ with those you love, too!

The most important thing about having a true moment together, and making great memories, is to actually FOCUS on the moment. Don’t be running from the kids to the computer to check emails. Try to have this JUST be with your family or friends, because – as I’m quickly learning – these moments pass so quickly!

Mix Up a Moment with Funfetti® Halloween Treats #MixUpAMoment #ad

Sometimes you can’t plan for family time, it just happens in between everything else. Luckily, it’s super easy to stock up on Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Halloween Baking Mixes and Frosting the next time you’re at Walmart, so you’re prepared anytime you get a chance to ‘Mix up a Moment’! The festive Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Halloween Cake Mix and the Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Halloween Vanilla Flavored Frosting are waiting for you in that center Bake Center area – you know, where they put the holiday goodies – so you can easily grab them.

Mix Up a Moment with Funfetti® Halloween Treats #MixUpAMoment #ad

Don’t forget other fun frosting or decorations, found in the Bake Aisle. Eyeballs are my family’s personal favorite Halloween treat decoration! We can always count on Walmart to have what we need, and it’s never difficult to find our favorite things, plus these are super easy on the budget – like I said, stock up so you’re ready at any time this holiday season!

Mix Up a Moment with Funfetti® Halloween Treats #MixUpAMoment #ad

I grabbed a few Pillsbury™ Frosting colors for our own Halloween fun, knowing my kids like different things. I sure was right – their cupcakes were as different as each of their spunky personalities! Normally we have a quick snack after school, then go right into homework, so I wanted to surprise them with some family Halloween festivities when they got home! I had everything ready for them, so we just whipped up the cupcakes, then sat to enjoy decorating time. That’s one of the great things about Pillsbury™ Baking Mixes and Frosting – it doesn’t take a ton of time, so you can fit in quality time even when you don’t have ‘quantity time.’

Mix Up a Moment with Funfetti® Halloween Treats #MixUpAMoment #ad

I knew this would be PERFECT to get us in the right mood for this Halloween holiday, and I wasn’t disappointed! We had so much fun together, the kids and I, creating our own cupcake monsters.

Mix Up a Moment with Funfetti® Halloween Treats #MixUpAMoment #ad

We even poured some of the Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Halloween Cake Mix batter into a doughnut pan, making neat little doughnut-shaped cupcakes!

Mix Up a Moment with Funfetti® Halloween Treats #MixUpAMoment #ad

My boys were shocked that their cupcakes had ‘sprinkles’ inside – the orange and black funfetti made it even more festive and fun! These were the exact thing we wanted for our Halloween celebrations.

Mix Up a Moment with Funfetti® Halloween Treats #MixUpAMoment #ad

After we were all done, we had to show off our unique creations – and check out how happy they all were! Baking is definitely something our family’s always enjoyed doing together, and we’ve had many adventures in the kitchen that we’ll never forget!

Some other creative topping ideas would be candy corn for teeth, make ‘hair’ with frosting and a decorating tip, or cut out some fondant sheets for neat details – like maybe a Frankenstein scar!

How will YOU ‘mix up a moment‘ for your Halloween festivities?

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