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20 Tools & Charts to Help Kids Save Money

Good financial sense is so important, and can have a huge impact on your adult life. A lot of that knowledge and good money habits starts when we’re young, though, so it makes it super important to teach our kids about finances and how to best manage theirs – including saving. To make it a bit more fun, here are 20 Tools & Charts to Help Kids Save Money!

20 Tools & Charts to Help Kids Save Money

It’s no surprise that my personal favorite are the superhero money banks, right? I also love the board games, the printable checklists and even the job charts for earning extra money.

1. Cashflow Board Game [Two Boys One Girl and a Crazy Mom]

2. Kids Responsibility Money Management Printables [Modern Messy Parents Messy Kids]

3. Guidelines For Teaching Kids About Money [Thirty Hand Made days]

4. Teach Kids About Money Responsibilty Checklist [A Bowl Full Of Lemons]

5. Money Management Skills For Kids [Hay Hay Life]

6. Teaching Kids to Manage Money [Organize Your Stuff Now]

7. 5 Personal Finance For Kids [Everything Finance Blog]

8. Mom I Need Money Job Chart [One Good Thing By Jillee]

9. Fill The Piggy Bank Game [The Kindergarten Connection]

10. Helping Children To Save Plus Free Printable [The Inspiration Edit]

11. Teaching Kids The Value Of Money [Love More Live Blessed]

12. Mini Accountabilty Binder For Kids [Thirty Hand Made Days]

13. DIY Save Spend & Give Jars [Creative Savings Blog]

14. 365 Day Savings Challenge And A Free Printable [Fun Happy Home]

15. Teach Your Kids Money Smarts Chart [The Suburban Mom]

16. My Savings Goal Visual [Educator 101]

17. Mason Jar Superhero Banks [Fireflies and Mudpies]

18. Printable Savings Chart For Kids [Temecula Blogs]

19. Teach Kids To Budget and Free Printables [Kids Money Lessons]

20. Kids Chore Chart With Money [Gridgit]

20 Tools & Charts to Help Kids Save Money

What money saving idea for kids is your favorite?

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