Horseback Riding in Kauai Hawaii

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Every time I go back through the beautiful and fun photos from my visit to Kauai last May, I miss it so much and really want to go back! Today I’m sharing the great time we had Horseback Riding in Kauai, Hawaii – the adventure, amazing views, laughable moments and fun tour guide.

We had the pleasure of joining CJM Country Stables for our horseback riding experience, and I admit I was both really excited AND nervous. It’s been a long while since I’ve been on a horse! When we arrived we watched a quick safety video, then talked with the wonderful owner who even cleaned all of our sunglasses with his handy handkerchief while we chatted. He asked each of us our riding experience, then matched us with an appropriate horse for our level.

My horse was the handsome BoJangles, and was told that he can be a bit of a stubborn horse that wants to do his own thing, so I needed to be sure and let him know who’s boss. I felt up to the task, and after we all got saddled up with our horses, we were on our way!

We took it slow at first, getting use to the feel of the ride as we left the ranch and headed towards the hills and up into the mountains and fields.

Horseback Riding in Kauai Hawaii #Ad #KauaiDiscover

Horseback Riding in Kauai Hawaii #Ad #KauaiDiscover

The views were PHENOMENAL! From lush mountainsides, to seeing the ocean from above, it was truly incredible. We learned quickly how best to control our horses, such as how to pull the reigns so they wouldn’t stop for a ‘snack’ in some bushy areas.

Horseback Riding in Kauai Hawaii #Ad #KauaiDiscover

Horseback Riding in Kauai Hawaii #Ad #KauaiDiscover

Horseback Riding in Kauai Hawaii #Ad #KauaiDiscover

Partway through our fabulous guide stopped and gave us all some juice to refresh – even the horses knew it was time for a little snack for them! I did learn how stubborn BoJangles was, but by the end we were working well together 🙂 We stopped by a cliff edge near Secret Beach to enjoy that view for a bit and take some more photos – you know how us press and bloggers LOVE our pictures!

The last leg of the ride – which lasted about 2-3 hours, I believe – was along the beach. While I really loved the views from up high, along the beach with the sound of the waves crashing up and the soft sand beneath our horses was just remarkable.

Horseback Riding in Kauai Hawaii #Ad #KauaiDiscover

Horseback Riding in Kauai Hawaii #Ad #KauaiDiscover

From the moment we arrived, to the minute we left, CMJ Country Stables were amazing the whole adventure, and I can’t recommend them enough! Next time I’m back in Kauai – which I hope is very soon – I intend to do another horseback ride with them. Although next time I plan to wear more comfortable pants 😉

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Stay tuned for more details from my Kauai trip, coming soon!

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