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I’m married to a programmer, so of course he was thrilled when I told him we were receiving a new little robot that would help our kids learn more programming – while having a blast at the same time! It’s so easy to Learn & Play with Ozobot! You can customize this tiny robot’s appearance, then choose which code to use to make him go where you want!

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Now, don’t go thinking this is JUST for programmer kids – this is aimed toward anyone age 6 and up, and introduces them to the language of programming. These days, it’s becoming more and more necessary as technology is so ingrained into our everyday lives. The Ozobot Starter Pack ($49.99 – available in Cool Blue or Lava Red) will help build a love of tech by involving your child’s imagination and sense of accomplishment as they use codes to instruct this 1″ robot where to go!

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The starter pack includes 20+ activities, ranging from the very basic to more complex, 4 code-creating markers, 2 clear sheets you can slide paths into (allowing reuse), 2 sheets of reusable code stickers AND a blank Ozobot skin and sticker sheet – let them create the robot exactly how they want!

Learn & Play with Ozobot / by BusyMomsHelper.com #sponsored

They really made this fun – it even has cool lights as it charges with the included USB cable. I love that the apps come available in both iOS AND Android, since some things don’t offer both.

Learn & Play with Ozobot / by BusyMomsHelper.com #sponsored

The provided sheets are great for helping the kids make independent decisions via random logic – by making it a game of ‘make him turn the right way to avoid the dynamite’, along with multicolor LED lights providing feedback. I will say that the markers don’t always color as dark as Ozobot can easily read, but the provided stickers work like a charm! My kids wanted to do ALL the sheets the first day, they were having such a great time! And seeing their minds going to problem-solve was a big win for me 🙂

Learn & Play with Ozobot / by BusyMomsHelper.com #sponsored

Both Barnes & Noble to Toys R Us are stocking their shelves with this new, award-winning robot. Or grab it from Amazon! GO check out the Ozobot in action in this neat YouTube video.

Which color would YOUR kid prefer - Cool Blue or Lava Red?

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