My Kids’ First Visit to Walt Disney World

As many of you know, we went on a huge family trip to Disney World a few weeks ago. It’s been a couple years of planning and saving to take the whole crew, but it was completely amazing! I’ll be sharing a lot more details of our adventures, foods, shows, rides and more in the coming while, but today I wanted to tell you the overall fun from My Kids’ First Visit to Walt Disney World. Lots of pictures included, of course!

One of the things I was most excited for with this trip was it was mostly NEW to the kids. While they’ve been to Disneyland several times, this was very different. We got to see their reactions to new rides, foods, characters, sites – even the themed hotel (All-Star Music) was new, so that started the trip off with lots of smiles and eagerness. We flew in, so they even got to experience the Magical Express!

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Since we made sure to watch several important movies to prepare us for our Disney trip, such as Avatar, the kids were really looking forward to exploring Pandora at Animal Kingdom. From the floating mountains, drum shows, beautiful glowing ‘forest’ at night, to the huge MECH, they loved every little detail. And since there’s so much, I’m sure we didn’t even catch it all this time! As you can tell from several of our photos, it was certainly hot and BRIGHT in Orlando when we went, so sometimes squinty eyes were the best pics we could do 🙂

My favorite part – SO MUCH FAMILY TIME! Yes, we all got a little annoyed or impatient with each other at some point during the trip (with that much walking, plus little sleep because so much fun, it’s bound to happen), but we were together practically every moment for the trip. We got to talk about things – not just about the rides or the vacation, but random learning opportunities (like forced perspective at Pandora, or vehicle topics at Test Track) and other fun conversations. We took many pictures together (yes, even with mom in there – yay!), and even hubby and I made sure to get some time together on some rides or pictures.

With the Epcot Food & Wine Festival going on, the kids got to try several new foods – not only there, but at the various restaurants and buffets. I was impressed with how many new things they were willing to try. For example, Thor loved clams, which I never would have thought! Plenty of desserts and treats were enjoyed by us all, of course – and we learned that on your birthday, you can get a free slushie at Club Cool in Epcot. If it’s your birthday while you’re there – go and enjoy!

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Shopping with money they’d been saving for months was a highlight for the kiddos – the boys even shared in adopting a Banshee. We learned which kids have a tendency to spend as fast as they can, and which are more reserved and wait for the item that will make them happiest. Our wonderful guide Renee got us VIP seating at The Lion King Show, so the kids got to participate in some of the dancing and fun. (we received complimentary guide services for our trip) Seeing our kiddos interact with each other during the trip was also amazing – watching as they grew closer together and really enjoyed being a family was priceless!

Other highlights included: catching Songbird’s face the very first morning in front of the castle (she’d never been to ANY theme park before) and her pure joy. Finding the exact same guy that did a fun caricature for hubby and I last year to do one of ALL the kids, and having that keepsake. Having the chance to share our FIRST experience in Toy Story Land together, remembering all those incredible films.

We walked a TON, and slept a little. There were moments we’d catch some of the family sneaking in a quick nap – like hubby on the ferry boat. And yes, we made sure we tried ALL the transportation options at Walt Disney World, such as the resort shuttle, monorail and ferry boats.

I’m still almost giddy because of how much fun, joy and memories were made during our Walt Disney World vacation. The kids even made a new friend with our ‘magical’ guide Renee, who made our trip even more incredible than we could have possibly imagined. (Thank you Renee – we love you!)

Like I said, many more details for all we did are coming up – but for now, I had to share a bunch of the happy times with y’all!

What’s YOUR favorite thing about taking kids to Walt Disney World?

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