Organizing Your Mom Van

Do you have a “mom van”? We’re talking about a vehicle that you live in for the better part of the week because you’re always shuttling kids here and there. Yes, I have a mom van myself – between dance, karate, the store and running to/from school, it gets good use out of it. That means it can get SUPER messy with all our stuff, and crumbs (even if they don’t EAT in the van, they manage to get crumbs everywhere – what the heck?) So what can you do to keep yourself sane? Here’s a few simple tips on How to Organize Your Mom Van!

Organizing Your Mom Van #organizing #mom #busymom #busymoms

Organizing your minivan (or whatever vehicle you have) is one of the best things you can do to simplify your busy life. You spend tons of time in there driving here and there – and everywhere – so make it an enjoyable space. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Organize Bit by Bit – You will want to create sections within your mom van that you can organize according to who sits where and what their needs are. Toys and games for the toddler? Towels or extra shoes for a young sports star? Organize sections of the car and use collapsible bins for storing goodies and important items.

Create trash solutions – Nothing ruins a car/van quicker than trash and every mom knows that where kids go, trash goes, too. Fix this by putting some mini trash bags in your van on all seat rows/levels so it’s accessible to everyone. And ziplocking baggies can be your best friend when organizing your mom van!

Create snack solutions – How often do your kids need to have a snack in the car? Whether it’s an afterschool shuttle to soccer practice or a quick meal before going to a doctor’s appointment, there’s a good chance your kids are going to be eating in the car. And what about those days they forget their school snack and you’ve already left the house? Be prepared with some baskets or bins of car snacks that you keep in the van at all times – make sure they won’t melt, and the less ‘messy’ the better (at least for US, right?). Toss some water bottles in there, too, just in case.

Organizing Your Mom Van #organizing #mom #busymom #busymoms

You can also include some goodies for yourself – after all, even the chauffeur needs a special treat! Maybe a book or magazine to read while you’re waiting in that carpool line to pick up a kid?

What are YOUR tips for organizing your mom van?

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