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Packing lunches for school can take a lot of extra time, not to mention the planning required and remembering which kid likes which types of foods – it can be a huge headache! One way to help alleviate some of this is to have your kids pack their own lunch. I know what you’re thinking – they may pack all sorts of junk and not what would be the best options or variety. Packing their own lunch can teach them responsibility and give them some more freedom of choices, which may save some morning battles. Not only that, but you can use a handy guide to make sure they’re packing healthier foods and of a good variety with this awesome Pack a Lunch Printable!

Printable Pack a Lunch Cheat Sheet #printable #kids #packlunch #school #schoollunch #lunchprintable

After talking to several other parents, they said they’d be happy if their kiddo packed some type of protein (and often a starch or carb), as well as a fruit and a vegetable. Given those three main items, we made a list of many common options that fall into the three categories and designed them in a neatly laid out printable. Now your kiddos can just check the list each morning (or evening, if you plan ahead and pack lunches at night – kudos to you!) to double check they chose out of the three main areas, plus they can easily see many of their choices.

Printable Pack a Lunch Cheat Sheet #printable #kids #packlunch #school #schoollunch #lunchprintable

Now, I’m definitely not saying you should stay stocked up on ALL of the options listed – that’s just crazy talk! But having a decent variety will help them not get bored with their lunches, and also teach them about making choices, as well as giving them a bit of freedom. I’ve seen parents who prepare several fruits, veggies and sandwiches (or wraps or quesadillas or whatever) and keep them in a specific spot in the pantry or fridge. Then all the kiddo has to do is grab their desired item and pack it up. Easy-peasy!

Printable Pack a Lunch Cheat Sheet #printable #kids #packlunch #school #schoollunch #lunchprintable Just for fun, and in case someone wants a very simplified version, there’s one sheet with the school supplies/apple to decorate it – then another sheet with just the lists and such. Your choice!

Download & Print the blank one HERE

Download & Print the pre-filled one HERE

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