5 Items you MUST Pack for a Disney Cruise

Packing for a Disney Cruise isn’t too different from planning for any other travel. You’ll want to make sure you pack essential items like toiletries and also make sure you pack suitable attire. Most restaurants on a Disney Cruise will accept any attire other than tank tops or swimsuits…but you should still pack tank tops and swim suits. If you plan to dine at Remy or Palo, you should pack formal wear. Outside of your basic travel advice, here are some key items you may want to add to you list of what you MUST pack for a Disney cruise.

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Obviously you know to bring your ID, swimsuit, charger, etc – so here’s just some things that many people don’t think about for their upcoming Disney cruise. If you’re ready to make your cruising dream a reality, contact my friends at Get Away Today with Promo Code: Busymomshelper

5 Items to Pack for a Disney Cruise you may not think of #disney #cruise #travel

Reusable Water Bottle

Some people like to bring water onto the ship – but that isn’t really necessary as you’ll have access to clean water throughout the cruise. I do recommend bringing an empty reusable water bottle on board to fill and refill at your discretion. It’s important to stay hydrated so this becomes a very handy sidekick, whether you’re on the pool deck or out on a port adventure. Plus you can bring water flavoring to add to it if you’re not a fan of the taste of water. This one is our favorite, and has lasted us many trips for several years!

Good Shoes

As with any Disney vacation, good comfortable shoes are important – but on a cruise, you should bring back ups that are suitable for the different adventures you’ll have because it can really vary. Hiking boots for excursions, sandals for the beach or pool and dress shoes for formal night are all important to different facets of your cruise. Make sure if you buy new shoes, you take the time to break them in for a couple of weeks before departure. And try not to pack TOO many, because storage can be an issue on cruises. This sandal is one of my favorites – so comfy! We also rave about these water shoes we found, because they work great for swimming, water parks or river rafting.

5 Items to Pack for a Disney Cruise you may not think of #disney #cruise #travel

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Okay, time to be practical. Don’t forget to protect yourself from those UV rays. It seems common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many still end up fried or paying a ton purchasing sunscreen from the cruise gift shop. Whether you’re out for a swim or on a port excursion, make sure to apply sunscreen before you go outdoors. Be prepared for other weather, too, but sunscreen is most important. It’s not fun to have a sunburn on vacation and it’s so easily preventable – pack it and use it!

Themed Attire

One thing about a Disney Cruise is the themed days and parties they have on board. Whatever sector of Disney fandom you are from, there’s a day to celebrate. Marvel Day at Sea and Star Wars Day at Sea are two major themed events that may happen during your cruise. Participation isn’t required, but if you want to get in on the fun, you’re encouraged to dress for the occasion. There are character meet and greets as well as themed dining menus and deck parties. There are also seasonal themed events for Christmas, Halloween and New Year. So fun!

Door Decorations

I’ve heard so many people rave about decorating their doors on their Disney cruise, and apparently it’s a big thing! Not only can it make your room easy to spot when walking down the hall with door after similar door, but it’s a fun way to get excited (making decorations beforehand, etc.) and celebrate your trip in a unique manner. Just be sure to check Disney Cruise Line’s policies for what is or isn’t allowed.

What’s the item you MUST pack for a Disney cruise?

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