Spring Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Have you ever played sudoku? It’s a popular Japanese math and logic game in it’s original form, and it’s great for critical thinking and building logic in kids (and grown ups!). Our kids love it, so I wanted to share a Spring Sudoku Puzzles for Kids printable set with you so that you can introduce your kids to the fun as well!

Spring Sudoku - Busy Mom's Helper

The point of this brain teaser is to fill out each row, column and box with NO matching pieces. It can really be a challenge for kids of all ages – especially since with a little help, even the youngest members of your family can help practice cutting skills and put their young minds to use!

Just cut out the pieces at the bottom of the page and arrange them until you have one of each image in each row and column – no duplicates allowed!

With this printable set you’ll get 4 different Sudoku puzzles plus their solutions. I wouldn’t leave you hanging, now would I? 😉

Click to Download & Print

Spring Sudoku Puzzles - Busy Mom's Helper

Have you ever played Sudoku before?

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