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Have you noticed yet that my family’s a bunch of comic nerds? Or would it be geeks? Either way – that’s what we are, big time! My 6-year-old knows the difference between Justice League and Avengers. My boys will yell at you if you call the wrong hero the wrong name. It’s awesome! So, for Father’s Day, we wanted to do something ultra-nerdy and fun and decided to give Flash a gift that was simple, tasty, and reflected our family. Thus – our Superhero Soda Gift! Since there are 6 bottles in the set, each bottle represented a family member – perfect!
Superhero Soda Gift with Free Printables / Busy Mom's Helper
Being our nerdy selves, each of us has a Superhero name. My daughter is Wonder Woman, twins are Superman and Batman, and the youngest is Green Lantern. Hubby is Flash, and I’m Hawk Girl (when the kids say this, it sounds like ‘Hot Girl’ – not going to complain about that!).
Here’s the full Superhero Soda Gift set, in all it’s nerdy-glory!


  • 6-pack of IBC cream soda (or orange – just so long as the bottles are clear)
  • Printables, found below
  • Tape or Mod Podge
  • M&Ms, Skittles or other candies the correct color (small enough to fit into the bottle)


Print and cut out the printable pages found below. Use tape or Mod Podge to attach them to the box, trimming any excess. Attach the labels to the top of the bottle caps, and tape the bottle wraps around each bottle.
Fill each bottle with the appropriate color of treats. Here’s the colors we did:
  • Flash: Red and yellow
  • Hawk Girl: Red and yellow (could also use black – but I didn’t know what candy to do for that)
  • Wonder Woman: Red, yellow and blue
  • Batman: Yellow (could also use black/grey – again, no idea what candy)
  • Superman: Red, yellow and blue
  • Green Lantern: Green (again, black could be used)
Replace the caps, and you’re good to go!
Notes: If using M&Ms, I found that in the 3 huge bags we had to use, there were more blues than any other color, except maybe brown. In all of those 3 bags – so that may just be the normal! Other thoughts for candies: Lemon Heads, small Swedish Fish, Skittles, Nerds, etc.
Printable Pages
Front of Box, Front of Handle, 2 Bottle Toppers

Back of Box, Back of Handle, 4 Bottle Toppers

Batman & Flash Bottle Labels

Superman & Wonder Woman Bottle Labels

Green Lantern & Hawk Girl Bottle Labels
Extra sheet for Sides of Box

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  • this is absolutely adorable! perfect for any superhero lover – def pinning this for later 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

    • You’re so darn sweet, Julie, thank you! I had so much fun doing it (plus he shared some of the m&ms afterwards hehe)

  • My boys would LOVE this! So cute, thanks for sharing!
    Therena @

    • Aw, thanks Britney! I’ll be coming by the party this next week (been kind of MIA this summer with everything) 😀

    • Thanks a bunch, Rebecca, so glad to ‘meet’ you! Looking forward to connecting more in the future 🙂

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  • These are so cute, my grandkids will love them!!! Pinning them and having a super hero party with them. Thank you for sharing on Tuesday Trivia.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  • Love, love, love this! I have to do this for my little guy soon! Thank you for sharing this! I found you via Living Well Spending Less.

    • I’m sure he’ll love it! It was way easy, too – one of the best things (other than the m&ms) 😉

  • You can buy different color M&M’s online here: as they have like 25 colors and you can buy them in as small of bag of 7oz for $6.99. I think you can even add your own image to the M&M’s as well, so you could have a logo of the super hero printed on it.

    This website doesn’t have as many options but is cheaper: For 1.25lbs it’s only 9.99.

    Anyways, cool thing you made for kids but there are a TON of options to get different colors if your willing to buy offline.

    • That’s fantastic, thank you so very much for sharing that! That will help with quite a few projects I have coming up, so greatly appreciate it 😀

  • Hopping over from Strut Your Stuff Saturday to say that I love this idea…so creative! Can’t wait to figure out an occasion to use it. I’ve pinned it to my Five Heart Home boards. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    • I told my hubby that people keep mentioning how much their little ones will love this and what that says about him…he replied: it means I’m a kid at heart who gets m&ms in cool superhero containers 😀

  • That is a really cool idea! following you now!

  • Such a cute idea!! I love it, Danielle!
    Thanks so much for linking up to our “Best Of The Weekend” party! I have also pinned this to our BOTW board and to another big board of mine!
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    • Thanks so much, Claire, you’re always so sweet! I’ve missed the fun parties the past several weeks, looking forward to more fun next week!!!

  • What a cute gift idea! As far as the blue, I don’t think it was just your bags of M&M’s. When I did my 4th of July Apothecary Jars, there were more blue than red (I was only using the blue and red).
    Take care,

    • Those July Apothecary Jars were way cute, by the way! Glad the blue-majority wasn’t just me 🙂 Did you see the comment a few up, with the link to a site you can get all one color? Just in case you need certain colored ones in the future 😀

  • My boys would go crazy for these – they are so cute!

    Thanks for linking up to Super Sunday at Who Needs a Cape! We hope we see you next week!

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    Mariel @ Or so she says…

    • Thank you oh so much Mariel!!! I’ve got some goodies coming up that are great, and can’t wait to share again at your awesome party 😀

  • are the printables no longer available? I pinned this a while back and now that the party is tomorrow I came back to print everything off and I keep getting an error saying no longer available? Are they for sale now or am I missing somehthing? Great job by the way!

    • Hi Chrissy! I have no idea how they got removed, but yep they’re not there! Email me danielle @ and I’ll email you the pdfs directly since you need them asap. I’ll also try to get them back on the post tonight 😀 Thanks for bringing that to my attention, and I’m so sorry for the hassle!!!

      So great to hear someone’s using them for a party – if you feel like sharing pics, I’d love to see them!

  • Are the printables still available? I would like to use for my daughters birthday party in a few weeks.

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