Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages

You know those weeks where you have no idea how you survived Monday, let alone how you’re going to get through the rest of the week? Yup, that’s me this morning! On the up-side, though, I have the daughters of one of my AMAZING friends coming to watch my kids so I can play a little catch-up on the ol’ blog. Woot Woot! (and yes, I’m totally dancing in my chair right now!) Now let’s keep this Christmas in July week rolling with another holiday-themed post, these fun Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages!

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gifts #Holidaycraft

Going right along with yesterday’s Super Easy Santa Bags, today’s post is also RIDICULOUSLY easy! I plan on having Wonder Woman make these all herself for her friends’ gifts this holiday, and that’ll free up some more time for me….Score!!! And although this particular set is Christmas themed, you really could do these Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages for ANY occasion, even just some random, fun gift thing!

Really, I feel almost silly typing out the directions, but I will anyway. I know I’ve read plenty of posts from others where they say it’s completely simple and common sense, like a toddler could figure it out…and I’ve been sitting there ‘um….help?’

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gifts #Holidaycraft


  • Empty Toilet Paper Rolls (or paper towel rolls, if you want it larger)
  • Colorful and fun scrapbook paper
  • Cellophane wrap
  • Ribbon of choice
  • Tape
  • Stuff to fill it with


  1. Cut the paper to fit around the toilet paper (or paper towel) roll, and tape into place. I think it looks nicest when you fold the ends down into the roll and secure them in there with tape.
  2. Fill the roll with your ‘gift’….candies, small toys, money….whatever you want to give!
  3. Wrap the roll in a long piece of cellophane, and tie off the ends with ribbon. Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gifts #Holidaycraft  Or you could just stuff strips of cellophane into the ends, whichever you prefer!  Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gifts #Holidaycraft

Lots more fun ideas to come for our Christmas in July Week….including something with Free Printables later tonight!

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Packages / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gifts #Holidaycraft


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