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Have your kids lost some baby teeth, yet? Are they in the process? My boys have yet to get into that phase, but are nearing it. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, has lost a LOT of her teeth. The record: 3 in one day!!! Ya, tough night for the tooth fairy’s wallet! Our puppy has even lost some teeth (the tooth fairy just leaves an extra doggy treat for those).
One problem we often find is actually LOSING the lost tooth… under the pillow. Or the gift from the tooth fairy. Or both! Frustrating for a little kid who’s been so excited. I’ve been looking for some system for holding the tooth and reward that’s cute, yet functional and RELIABLE. Oh, and budget-friendly, of course! These Tooth Fairy Boxes turned out so cute, and VERY helpful!
Tooth Fairy Box with Free Printable Poem / Busy Mom's Helper
When I was browsing (more like trampling through, since it was more chaotic than a mad house) the Christmas clearance at Michaels, I ran across these beauties:
Yup, cute little ‘gift card’ boxes. They called out to me, so I had to double check the price. After the clearance discount, they cost a whole $0.37! THIRTY-SEVEN CENTS!!! Heck ya, I’ll take that! So they went into my (overflowing) cart and on home with me. These were seriously PERFECT for my little tooth losing dilemma!
Supplies Needed
Scrapbook Paper
Double Sided Tape
Cute tooth fairy poem (below)
For mine, I didn’t cover the bottom of the boxes because 1: they’re plain silver, so no designs needed covering and 2: it makes it a VERY snug fit putting the lid on, and I didn’t want to deal with it. Call it laziness if you so desire; I call it maintaining my stress levels.
So first cut the scrapbook paper to fit over the top of the box and down the sides, to just above the little lip. Try not to go over the edge INTO the box, or it can be a snug (or impossible) fit putting the bottom back on.
I used double-sided tape along the edges to hold the paper down, plus a bit on the top of the box just to secure it. Clip the corners if they stick out, and use tape to make them look smooth.
See the corner on the left? Ya, clip it like the one on the right….
I also put a strip of another color paper along the top, again using double-sided tape to secure it down.
You can print out these cute Tooth Fairy poems, or create your own design/color/poem.
Double-sided tape again… the poem label onto the front, above the strip.
For a little extra color, I added a cut-out of paper on the underside of the lid. I’m going to use cotton balls or some cute padding for the bottom, to hold the precious tooth (and gift, when it’s switcheroo time).
And there you have it…an adorable, super-easy Tooth Fairy Box to hold your little one’s treasure in!
Oh, and it cost a whole…..Dollar, MAYBE, once you consider the box, paper and tape? Ya, can’t really beat that!
My kids are so dang excited, I’m afraid they’ll start PULLING their teeth out so they can use these! Or knock them out, as may be the case with my boys. Argh!
Curious: What does YOUR tooth fairy leave for your kids? How does that compare to what you RECEIVED when it was your tooth-losing time?

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14 Responses to “Tooth Fairy Box”

  • I love these! I have one who is at the tail end of loosing teeth and one who will be starting soon. I have a couple of Altoid Tins laying around that would work perfectly! Thanks for Sharing!

    • Oh yes – LOVE the good clearance deals, even if they do suck me in and I buy way more than I should LOL

  • These are adorable! Pinning for {much} later when my 2/3 yo granddaughters start losing their teeth! Thanks for linking up at Wednesday Whatsits this week!

    • Your granddaughters will love them, when the time comes! Thanks so much for stopping by, Rachel!

  • This looks so cute! Although I might put some tissue paper or something soft in there for when you gotta go sneak in and grab the tin. The little tooth rattling inside might wake up the kid and then you gotta think of some clever story about how the tooth fairy asked you to grab it for her because she didn’t want to take her boots off or something.

    This comment got out of hand. Anyway. CUTE!

    • Lol totally great comment, Lisa! Ya, I ended up putting some cotton balls inside a little pouch of fabric for a ‘tooth pillow’ to help with the rattling. Makes the inside more cute, too!

  • Where was this post when my kids were still losing their teeth. We lost a few, and went hunting for tooth fairy gifts more than once. This is an awesome idea. Will have to make these for my grandchildren or friend children. Great idea.

    • Lol I’m sure your grandkiddos would love them! Ya, I hate trying to find a lost tooth or gift…or trying to find a tiny thing under their pillow without waking them. This is MUCH easier 😀

    • Thanks so so much, Crystal! Such a fun party with amazing ideas 😀 Thanks for all the time you spend hosting. Have a fabulous week!

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