Toy Story Alien Craft

Y’all know how much our family loves Disney, right? Well, putting together a fun Disney craft for kids was a great way to celebrate the opening of the new Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World. In anticipation of our visit there later this year, we made this Toy Story Alien Craft – a great activity for a lazy afternoon!

Toy Story Alien Craft #toystory #disney #kidcraft #disneycraft #aliencraft #disneydiy #toystoryland #alien Aren’t they cute? We’re all excited to check out the new Toy Story Land during our trip – the Alien ride looks really fun, but we’re especially eager to try out Slinky Dog Dash! I’m sure y’all know how patient kids are when leading up to a vacation (note the sarcasm there), so why not give them a little Disney creating while they wait with this awesome Alien craft?

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Toy Story Alien Craft #toystory #disney #kidcraft #disneycraft #aliencraft #disneydiy #toystoryland #alien


Toy Story Alien Craft #toystory #disney #kidcraft #disneycraft #aliencraft #disneydiy #toystoryland #alien


  1. Take your green paper plate and cut it in half with your scissors. You will instantly have an Alien shaped head. Grab that glue stick and glue three eyes onto each Alien.
  2. Now take another green paper plate and draw/cut out an Alien antenna. When you have two Alien antennas, take your glue stick and glue an antenna onto each Alien.
  3. While your eyes and antennas are drying, take your black sparkle foam paper and cut out four Alien ears. Glue those ears onto your Aliens
  4. Now for the fun part! Take your black marker and draw a mouth on each Alien. I suggest practicing on a blank piece of paper to perfect your technique before drawing on your plate.
  5. Enjoy your two fun new Alien friends!

Toy Story Alien Craft #toystory #disney #kidcraft #disneycraft #aliencraft #disneydiy #toystoryland #alien

Told you it was super easy – and it’s likely that you have at least some of the supplies on hand already. Maybe not BIG googly eyes or green paper plates, but you can easily buy or order those. Then you’re all set for some Toy Story Alien crafting.

Toy Story Alien Craft #toystory #disney #kidcraft #disneycraft #aliencraft #disneydiy #toystoryland #alien Eager for your own Disney vacation? Check out Get Away Today for the best deals! Promo Code: BusyMomsHelper

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