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You know, other than my family and friends (duh), there’s not a LOT of things I miss about Utah. That’s the majority of what I miss. However, in the minority of things that I miss is some places we always use to eat for a special treat or birthday lunch. One of these places is La Beau’s. I LOVE THEM! Now, their shakes are a-maz-ing, but that’s for later. Today’s post is all about doing a copy cat Turkey Avocado Sandwich. I would order those anytime we got lunch there, often splitting with my mom because they were so large. Yumm-o!
Hoagie Bun
Sliced Turkey (cooked)
1-2 Large Leaves Lettuce
1 Large Avocado, sliced
1 Small Tomato, sliced (I used several cut cherry tomatoes)
Cheese of choice (I’ve used Swiss and Provolone), sliced or shredded
I’m not going to get all technical here because, well, it’s a sandwich for crying out loud! It doesn’t take a scientist to put it together. Besides, everyone likes their sandwiches put together a bit differently (some mash the Avocado as a spread, I prefer slices). So take the above ingredients, put it together on the hoagie bun the way you like it, and ENJOY!!!


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