Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips

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I love my wood floors – it’s one of the things that first caught my eye when buying our home. It’s also one of the main things people see when coming inside, so I try super hard to keep them looking the best possible. I’ve learned that wood floors aren’t the same as other types, though, so have had to pick up some Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips, and rely on my trusty Swiffer tools to help me out!

Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips #ad #SwifferFanatic #Adulting

This is totally embarrassing to share, but check out how filthy our floors get from our pets, kids, etc….

Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips #ad #SwifferFanatic #Adulting

…and I clean it every other day! It’s definitely not an EASY job keeping these floors looking nice, but luckily I’ve got help 🙂

Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips #ad #SwifferFanatic #Adulting

Here’s some great tips and help for YOU to keep your floors as beautiful and clean as possible:

Research – not all wood floors are created equal, so what works for your neighbors pretty wood floors may not work for your own. For example, Swiffer products are safe to use on finished floors, but not recommended for unfinished, oiled or waxed wood floors.

Furniture, Friend or Enemy – we add felt protectors to the bottom of any furniture on or near our wood floors to protect from scratches. Don’t forget to change the felt occasionally, though, as they collect dirt and debris which will then make them like sandpaper on your beautiful wood floors!

Rugs for the win – not only is it fun to shop for rugs and decorate your home, it can also help get dirt off the bottoms of feet at entries before it’s tracked onto your floors.

Heels aren’t so lucky – while you may look fabulous in those heels, they can do major damage to your wood floors with dents or scratches. A shoe rack by the front door can be a lifesaver.

Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips #ad #SwifferFanatic #Adulting

What to Check & When

Weekly: keep dirt, dust and hair (love my pets, but DANG that hair everywhere!) off your floors by doing a DRY cleaning first – maybe with your Swiffer Sweep+Vac – then a wet with your trusty Swiffer WetJet Mop!

Monthly: I had no idea that the sun can make the coloring of your wood floors fade or change! Now we check monthly under furniture or rugs to see if there’s any changes, and if so then we know it’s time to apply a fresh top coat. Nobody wants randomly faded & discolored wood floors, and you don’t want to be afraid to ever switch around your furniture and thereby exposing those spots!

Yearly: Gaps are a normal thing that may happen in your wood floors with the changes in weather and humidity. To help keep it more mellow, try to keep the humidity levels in your home regular. Check every year to see if there’s any MAJOR gaps or problem areas from the changes, so you can fix it before it gets worse.

Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips #ad #SwifferFanatic #Adulting

I absolutely LOVE this list of Expert Approved Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips from Swiffer – here’s some of the highlights:

  • Use rugs at entryways or down hallways to keep loose dirt and junk from outside being dragged onto your floors and possibly leaving scratches
  • Heels can cause major dents or scratches, so a shoe rack by the door is ideal to help remind and store those pretty shoes
  • Using your trusty Swiffer products each day helps keep all that dirt and junk from getting moved around your floors, helping keep the surface smooth – and looking beautiful!
  • If moving furniture, make sure you get help for the heavy stuff to avoid sliding it around on the floors and leaving nasty scratches, gashes or dents
  • Spills happen, so keep absorbent cloths nearby just in case – you don’t want your daily coffee to stain!

Check out the rest below!

Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips #ad #SwifferFanatic #Adulting

If you’re a mom, you’re busy – it’s just a fact of our lives! Cleaning doesn’t always happen as well or as often as we’d like, but Swiffer can help with some QUICK tips for wood floor cleaning & maintenance so we can stress less!

Wood Floor Cleaning Hacks & Tips #ad #SwifferFanatic #Adulting

 What’s YOUR biggest stress with wood floor cleaning?

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