5 Worst Disney World Quick Service Restaurants

There are plenty of great places to eat at Walt Disney World. Food has become a focus of the company ever since the massive success of the Epcot Festivals and the rise of food blogging and instagram. In order to get you to hashtag your hashbrowns, Disney comes up with some incredible stuff! While the many unique food items to come out seasonally are ‘hit and miss’ several permanent menus at counter service locations have shown improvement. Since there are so many counter service locations that will enhance your vacation experience on a budget, here are 5 Worst Disney World Quick Service Restaurants so you can limit the list.

5 Worst Quick Service Disney World Restaurants #waltdisneyworld #disneyfood #wdw #disneyparks #disney

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Electric Umbrella

This is easily one of the worst counter service restaurants in Epcot. It’s a little unfair, because Epcot has so many quick service locations to choose from. However, that’s precisely the problem. Electric Umbrella is standard theme park fast food in a park that celebrates world cultures and cuisine and even grows its own produce. Electric Umbrella is the first dining location you come to in Epcot and it’s best to keep moving.

5 Worst Quick Service Disney World Restaurants #waltdisneyworld #disneyfood #wdw #disneyparks #disney

Cosmic Rays

Cosmic Rays is not a terrible place to eat, but it serves very basic food that just does not taste very impressive. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe, Columbia Harbor House and Casey’s Corner are all far better places to spend your time and money in Magic Kingdom. Best yet, try the lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant because it’s still quick service!

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe

Please note this is different than the Yak and Yeti table service place, which we really enjoy.This food stand on the pathway from Asia to Africa in the Animal Kingdom park is a bit of a let down. While it has the right mix of food to satisfy a family with different tastes, the quality of the food is a mixed bag as well. Depending on what you order, this can be an acceptable stop or a disappointment.

5 Worst Quick Service Disney World Restaurants #waltdisneyworld #disneyfood #wdw #disneyparks #disney

With so many snack carts and Flame Tree Barbecue (which can also give you the most bang for your buck) so close, don’t take the risk here. Or head over to Satu’li Canteen because holy cow it’s tasty (and unique)!

Refreshment Outpost

Back to Epcot – this is the second worst counter service restaurant in Disney World. In the African Outpost, you have to be starving and somehow unable to move another hundred feet. If you like basic hotdogs but hate bratwurst, then you’re the target audience at Refreshment outpost. The food stand literally only serves a basic hot dog, along with soft serve, slushes and beverages. I can only see stopping here for a quick snack for your child if you have to (and we all know those instances do happen). Otherwise, you should ignore it and move on. NOTE: The exception to this is during festivals when it has special offerings!

5 Worst Quick Service Disney World Restaurants #waltdisneyworld #disneyfood #wdw #disneyparks #disney


The absolute worst counter service in Disney World has got to be PizzeRizzo. No one liked it the first time when it was Pizza Planet. The pizza is the same and it’s the worst pizza on Disney Property. Even worse, the restaurant themed to the zany and nonsensical Muppets completely misses the mark on decor. There is a fair amount of seating because nobody likes it. At this point, it’s only open seasonally as a way to prevent overcrowding. Backlot Express and ABC Commissary are much better alternatives, but you really shouldn’t go to Hollywood Studios without dining at the many themed table service restaurants they have there (we’re trying the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater on our next visit!)

5 Worst Quick Service Disney World Restaurants #waltdisneyworld #disneyfood #wdw #disneyparks #disney

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What’s your favorite quick service Disney World restaurant?

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