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15 St. Patrick’s Day Items to Use in Play

St. Patrick’s Day is coming! Whether or not you’re hosting a class party or a leprechaun is planning a visit to your house, I’m betting you’re already starting to stockpile fun things for your kids. I don’t know about you, but after the holiday I like to reuse items in other ways or throw them in a container as extra toys and craft supplies the kids can pull from throughout the year. Today, I thought I’d bring to you some of our favorite items to save – 15 St. Patrick’s Day Items to Use in Play.

15 St. Patrick's Day Items to Use in Play

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Below are our favorites, but the biggest lesson from this post is that just because something is holiday themed doesn’t mean that it has to be discarded afterwards! We put too much money into these things just to let them sit at the bottom of a box or get tossed out, am I right?

1. St Patricks Day Toy Assortment

2. The Night Before St Patricks Day

3. How To Catch A Leprechaun

4. St Patricks Day Shamrock Decorations

5. St Patricks Day Rubber Ducks

6. Pot of Gold Kettles

7. St Patricks Day Window Gel Clings

8. Leprechaun Loot

9. Glitter Paper Shamrock Cutouts

10. Leprechaun footprint Clings

11. Shamrock Glitter Stickers

12. St Patricks Day Cupcake Set

13. St Patricks Day Dress Up

14. St Patricks Day Bracelets

15. St Patricks Day Top Hat Craft

What do you do with your extra St. Patrick’s Day supplies and treats? Do you repurpose them like we do?

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