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20 Creative Snack Ideas with Fruit

Do you have picky eaters in your home? My kids do fairly well – but they’re still kids so of course there’s plenty of delish food that they just refuse to eat. I think it’s a trial all parents must go through – getting our children to eat a variety of foods, and hopefully some healthy ones like fruit! To help you with your battle, here’s 20 Creative Snack Ideas with Fruit – make mealtime or snacktime fun again with these clever fruity creations!

20 Creative Snack Ideas with Fruit - Busy Moms Helper

Aren’t some of these absolutely GENIUS! The berry ladybugs are totally adorable, and I personally would love to try the frozen rainbow fruit kabobs. These creative snack ideas will have your kids EXCITED for a healthy fruit snack – and leave you without an extra battle to deal with 🙂

1. Fruity Surprise Ice Lollies
2. Fruit Sushi
3. Fruit Sculpture
4. Strawberry Ladybugs
5. Fun Fruit Creations For Kids
6. Fruit Monsters
7. Rainbow Fruit Pizza
8. Fun Kids Party Treats
9. Fresh Fruit Tray
10. Beach Ball Fruit Pizza
11. Thanksgiving Fruit Turkey
12. Green Monster Fruit Pops
13. Individual Snack Portions of Mixed Fruit
14. Silly Apple Monster Bites
15. Frozen Rainbow Fruit Kebabs
16. Melon Carving For A Baby Shower
17. Apple Peanut Butter Teeth
18. Monster Apples
19. Strawberry Kiwi Icepops
20. Summer Fruit Kebabs

Which creative snack idea is YOUR favorite?

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