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20 Home Office DIY Projects

I work at home, and as such my ‘office area’ is often covered with random school papers, half-broken crayons, a bunch of blunt pencils despite having an electric pencil sharpener in my drawer, even an occasional wrapper to some treat I never got to enjoy!

It’s fun to spruce up my desk sometimes, and I can’t wait to try some of these 20 Home Office DIY Projects to make my workplace a little more attractive and organized!

20 DIY's for a Workplace Makeover / Do a home office makeover with these fun office DIY projects!

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Okay, so these don’t HAVE to be just for a home office, they could be great for any workplace makeover! Even if you’re in a busy office building, it can make a huge difference having a more attractive and organized space, right?

A Charming Project – Chic DIY Cord Tacos

The Paper Mama – Grapefruit Mouse Pad

Aww Sam – Letter Corkboards

A Bubbly Life – DIY Polka Dot Mac Battery

Right Where I Left Off – DIY Leather Cord Keepers

A Beautiful Mess – DIY Hairpin Leg Desk

A Pumpkin and a Princess – DIY Desk Organizers

Damask Love – Fruity Wooden Boxes

Lovely Indeed – DIY Desk Organizer Tutorial

A Subtle Revelry – Wild Animal Pen Toppers

The Lovely Drawer – DIY Balsa Wood Desk Organizer

Shanty 2 Chic – DIY Floating Corner Shelves

How Joyful Blog – DIY Desk Chair Transformation

Homey Oh My – DIY Gold Desk Dishes

Colorful Rhinestone Embellishments – Or Try Out Best rhinestone applicator pen!

Dream a Little Bigger – Office Chair Makeover

Interior Frugalista – DIY Compute Monitor Stand

Right Where I Left Off – DIY Paint Dipped Recycling Bin

Sisters What – DIY Triangle Memo Board

Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft Paint Set

A Charming Project – Mini Air Plant Rock Garden

Two Twenty One – DIY Dry Erase Desktop Tray

Which Home Office DIY is your favorite?

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