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20 Warm & Comforting Lasagna Recipes

I know that other states are MUCH colder than here in Texas – I mean, I grew up in northern Utah until I was about 27, so I KNOW how freezing it can be! But having now lived in Texas for five years, it feels super cold to me and while I try not to complain, it really sucks. To kind of help make the most of this weather, I’ve been cooking up more hot meals that we all enjoy, like lasagna! If you’re feeling the same way, give one of these 20 Warm & Comforting Lasagna Recipes a try, and hopefully make the colder weather not quite so miserable.

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There’s a variety of delicious and easy lasagna recipes to choose from, like roll ups, or in the slow cooker – some with chicken or vegetables, others more classic. Whatever your preference, here’s hoping to a warm and enjoyable family dinner!

With lean ground beef and four cheese, thisLasagna Soup will be a huge hit

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