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2013 Best of Busy Mom’s Helper: Non-Recipes

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging on here for the majority of this year. It’s been so much fun, and such a HUGE outlet for me. To celebrate, and to offer all of us a little extra time with our families this holiday week, I’m going to be sharing the 2013 Best of Busy Mom’s Helper – today is non-recipes!!! I’ll find the top posts from the year (based on pageviews) and list them right here – in case you missed some of the most popular fun and creativity! I’m only going based on through November, though – I figure December has been seen recently enough 😀
Best of 2013 Series: Non-Recipe / Busy Mom
Today’s part of the series: Non-Recipe posts
This was a fun little gift for Hubby for Father’s Day. People have been enjoying the free printables all year!
So much fun for the little kitchen helpers – plus completely customizable!
I can’t tell you what a help this project has been – a nice place for backpacks and jackets, plus the dry erase frames are PERFECT for notes and reminders!
The food part of our budget is one of the hardest, so these tips have really made a difference in my family’s goal of reducing expenses and paying off our debt quicker!
Stay tuned for more in this series:

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