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2013 Best of Busy Mom’s Helper Recipes

Okay all my fellow foodies, this may the list you’ve been waiting for – the 2013 Best of Busy Mom’s Helper Recipes! You clicked on, repinned, and viewed these recipes more than all the others, so they must be AMAZING!
Best of 2013 Series: Main Dishes, Sides & Other Tasty-ness / Busy Mom's Helper
Have I let on how ‘geeky’ my family is? I mean, on here my kids (including Hubby) all go by our superhero names: Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern… that should be a pretty good clue. However, my hubby pointed out that I’ve reached a top level of Nerd when we go to a movie and a superhero-type (Avengers, Spiderman, etc.) trailer comes on, and I giggle excitedly like a little school girl. Ya, I’m a nerd.
That being said, I’m DYING now that I’ve seen the 2nd Hobbit movie. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!! And I can’t just go read the book, because many have pointed out there’s characters and events in the movie that aren’t in the book at all – so if I read it, I’ll just be confused. ARGH!!!
Anywho….I hope you’re all having a fun and relaxing (can ‘motherhood’ and ‘relaxing’ be used in the same sentence without ‘isn’t’?) holiday season! Here’s the 3rd installment in the Busy Mom’s Helper Best of 2013 Series: Main Dishes, Sides & Other Tasty-ness!!!
(these were a guest post at Simply Sweet Home)

What do YOU consider the Best of Busy Mom’s Helper Recipes?

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