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Bring your Family Closer with 23andMe DNA Kit

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I absolutely love the holidays – the food, the music, the lights and decor, but especially the family time and memories. This year is even more special for us because it’s the first Christmas our new sweet daughter is here with us as ‘officially’ ours. She first came to our home just days before Christmas last year, so it was still new, and everyone was still nervous and shy and getting to know each other. She didn’t share our name, didn’t know any of our traditions, and wasn’t sure if it would really ‘last’. This year, that’s all changed – she’s as much a part of the family as any of our children, is legally ours even in name, and knows she’s not going to be taken away. We can really enjoy the holiday together, making new memories together! She does still wonder sometimes at having different DNA than all of us, so I thought I would bring the family closer with the 23andMe DNA Kit.

Bring your Family Closer with 23andMe DNA Kit #AD #23andMeGifting

I want to have hubby and I tested, as well as her, so we can show her things that we have in common. Things in our DNA that are the SAME, despite her being born to different parents. Of all the gifts this season, this is the one I’m the most excited about! At 23and Me, they really believe that your genetic information has the power to bring you closer to the ones you love. I agree, wholeheartedly!

So how does it work, you may be asking? Well, 23andM3 offers two Personal Genetic Services for you to choose from:

  • Ancestry Service
  • Health + Ancestry Service
    • This service provides insights on your genetic ancestry, health, traits and more. Information extracted from your DNA is analyzed, compiled and distilled into 75+ reports that you can access online, and even share with family and friends.

Bring your Family Closer with 23andMe DNA Kit #AD #23andMeGifting

There’s no need to worry, because it’s also SUPER simple and quick on your part!

It just takes 3 Simple Steps

  1. Order your 23andMe DNA kit
  2. Follow the instructions to spit into the tube and register your sample. Then mail it back to their lab in the prepaid package.
  3. In 6-8 weeks, they’ll send you an email to let you know your reports are ready in your online account.

Bring your Family Closer with 23andMe DNA Kit #AD #23andMeGifting

That’s all it takes, and I’m so eager to see what information we find out! This is one holiday gift that’s truly personal, and will give us the opportunity to learn more about what makes us unique, but also help us form a deeper connection with our family.

Bring your Family Closer with 23andMe DNA Kit #AD #23andMeGifting

What’s also great is that 23andMe has special holiday offers now through December 26th, so visit their site to check out offers and get kits for yourself or your family today!

Bring your Family Closer with 23andMe DNA Kit #AD #23andMeGifting

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