5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland

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Get a sneak peak into our potential future – the good AND the bad – with the new Disney movie Tomorrowland. Jet packs, advanced robots and more, here’s 5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland! Plus some activity pages – woot woot!

5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland / by Busy Mom's Helper

I was thrilled for the invite to see an early screening of Disney’s Tomorrowland, and was pleasantly surprised by the film – it actually wasn’t what I was expecting at all! I knew it would be fun, with things to make you think….but I left with such a great message from the movie that made me want to go change the world. Right then!

5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland

1. The future looks AMAZING

Seriously, the way they depicted the potential future was not only beautiful, but also fun and exciting. The technology and advancements are things you can totally see coming about, and it makes you eager for them. Plus who wouldn’t want to fly around with jet packs?!

5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland / by Busy Mom's Helper

2. The Cast

I’m gonna try not to get too ‘fan girl’ here, but – come on – George Clooney! Although his character starts out a grumpy pessimist, it’s really interesting as you see him change along the way back to the ‘dreamer’ he once was.

5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland / by Busy Mom's Helper

I can’t begin to describe how thrilled I was to see that Hugh Laurie was in this! I absolutely love him and his acting skills, although seeing him in a more ‘strict’ character was a bit shocking. He played his role splendidly though!

5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland / by Busy Mom's Helper

3. The House Scene

I couldn’t help but wish I could re-watch the scene where they’re trying to escape Frank’s (Clooney’s) house over and over again! There’s so many little things in it, it’s impossible to catch it all in one shot. The fun little details they add to the robots, the booby traps and everything are just exciting!

4. Possible Tie-ins at the Parks

So this is me totally just speculating and not going on any type of facts, but I’m pretty positive Disney’s going to be tying some things from the film into their parks – I mean, it’s named Tomorrowland just like there, right?! So seeing the movie could, potentially, lead to some ‘oh I love that they included that’ or ‘I remember what that’s from’ moments down the road if/when they add things in. You know you’re going to be seeing this cute little pin around, that I can almost promise you!

5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland / by Busy Mom's Helper


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5. The Message

Like I said at the start, I was NOT expecting the message this movie gives. I really don’t want to spoil anything, so won’t give it away – but let’s just say it’s highly motivating for not only being optimistic and ‘dreaming’ more, but also working harder to make the world a better place. Not much better of a message you can get!

5 Reasons You Should See Tomorrowland / by Busy Mom's Helper

Ready for some Free Printable Tomorrowland Activity Pages?

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‘Guess the Difference’

Jet Pack Balloon Races

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