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5 Signs You May Be Pregnant

Even though pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are the most effective methods to determine if you are pregnant, there are also some signs that will help you tell if you are going to be a mother in the upcoming future. If you are feeling nauseated in the morning or if your period is late, then these are the first signs that you may be pregnant. However, you can’t rely only on these two signs before breaking the news to your husband. This is why today I am going to present the top 5 most common signs that you need to buy a pregnancy test.

#1 Feeling Fatigued

When you get pregnant, your body is going to be working nonstop to support the pregnancy. This is why many women feel fatigued during the first weeks of pregnancy. Your body will produce more progesterone than usual and this will increase your temperature which leads to a drop in energy levels. What many women don’t know is that their heart is also going to start pumping faster than usual when they get pregnant because the blood needs to deliver oxygen to the uterus.

The best way to make sure that your energy level doesn’t drop too low and that your pregnancy doesn’t have any complications is to take prenatal vitamins. Not only that, but changing your diet and focusing on eating healthy is also going to help you feel more energetic. Drinking lots of fluids is also a must!

#2 Swollen and Tender Breasts

Another important sign that you might notice right away is the soreness and tingling in your breasts. In fact, feeling the breasts to see if they are tender was the most popular way of determining if a young woman is pregnant back in the day when medicine was not so evolved. The shape of your breasts is also going to change because they are preparing to produce milk for the baby.

I want to mention that while a large number of women are feeling this change in their body during the first weeks of being pregnant, this is not the case for all of them. As previously noted, not all women are the same and their pregnancy experience will be different. Teresa Pitman who is a doula and lactation expert is saying that “not all women experience these changes, especially if they have been on birth control pills”.

#3 Missed Period

The most classic and easy way to determine if you are pregnant is missing your period. If the implantation is complete, then your body will start producing hCG (human chorion gonadotropin). This is a hormone that will help your body support the pregnancy throughout the nine months. However, that’s not all that this hormone does. The hCG is also causing the ovaries to stop releasing mature eggs which stops the period.

When you get pregnant, you are more than likely to miss your period for the upcoming four weeks after the conception date. If instead your period is irregular, then you should call your doctor as soon as possible and ask for a check-up. If you take medication, then you should know that this can pose a danger for the baby and you need an expert’s advice on what to do next.

#4 Nausea and Smell Sensitivity

Another classic way to determine if you are pregnant is if you wake up feeling nauseated. This happens to more than 80% of women and the reason behind this is that the increase in hormone levels will cause morning sickness. According to the experts, you will feel the morning sickness for about three months. Not just that, but some women feel nauseated throughout the day and not only in the morning.

If you start feeling weird smells everywhere you go and you also have some of the other symptoms mentioned on this list, then there is a high chance that you are pregnant. Many women will experience a heightened sense of smell during their pregnancy.

#5 Metallic Taste and Vivid Dreams

Many women are saying that they started feeling a strange metallic taste in their mouths right from the first week of being pregnant. This taste stays with them throughout the entire period. The interesting thing about this sign is that despite thousands of women complaining about it, there is no scientific explanation for it. Doctors don’t know what causes it but it’s certainly a sign that you need to look out for.

One of the pregnancy signs that takes most women by surprise is the vivid dreams that they start experiencing. Just like feelings and emotions become more intensified during pregnancy, so do the dreams! This is why you might want to see a medical professional if you are experiencing vivid dreams and the signs featured above.

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