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When Adulting Gets Hard

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Guys, we’ve spent that past 6 days on a cruise vacation as a whole family – and want to know my favorite part about cruising? You don’t have to do hardly any ‘adulting’! Seriously – someone else cleans your room, makes your bed, takes out the trash, does dishes and even cooks. While it’s nice to dream of this being an everyday thing, that’s just not realistic, so we have to get use to handling all of these responsibilities. But when adulting gets hard, at least we can have a sense of humor – and some help, thanks to Swiffer!

Have you ever heard of actress & comedian Abby Elliot? She’s a riot – and she teamed up with Swiffer to make two super hilarious (and frighteningly relatable) videos about adulting! This one’s my favorite, because I’ve totally been here when I was first learning to be an adult…

Having done this so many times before, it’s no wonder I’m a pro at reminding my kids ‘careful, it may still be hot’ at dinner! Oh – and remember earlier this year when I collected and shared people’s hilarious #adultingfail moments? There’s plenty in there involving cooking – and one I tend to STILL repeat is either forgetting to turn the crock pot ON, or to plug it in. *forehead smack*

And as far as cleaning – let’s just say that it’s a huge blessing that I have Swiffer to rely on, or my house would be a constant disaster! Adulting is hard, but Swiffer makes it easy – it’s the original cleaning hack that helps you NAIL the ‘Art of Adulting’. Like cleaning up after your pets – the paw prints or the endless hair shed. Or helping to keep your wood floors looking AMAZING! After all, our house is our first real ‘adult’ purchase, so I want to keep it looking nice 🙂 Like Abby remembers in this other funny video – ‘MOM’ doesn’t live here to clean up after you…because YOU are the mom! Scary, huh?

A huge part of becoming an adult is learning how to clean up after yourself – and others (like kids, dogs, cats, husbands) – and accepting the fact that no one is going to do it for you. One great thing about Swiffer making it super easy to clean, though, is that the kids are not only able to help keep the house clean – but they actually enjoy it! When your kids argue over who gets to use our Swiffer Sweeper to clean up the dog hair on our floor, it sure helps ease that ‘adulting’ stress.

To celebrate our successful adulting – or at least to help us smile and laugh as we still struggle with some #adultingfail moments, why not enjoy some cool Swiffer Adulting iMessage Stickers?! For you Apple people, you can download them via the iTunes Store or emojiTap. Fellow Android users, you can get them on emojiTap via the Google Store. And YES – they’re FREE!

When Adulting Gets Hard, Swiffer Makes it Easy! #AD #SwifferFanatic #Adulting

And don’t forget to share some awesome new #Adulting gifs, available on Swiffer’s giphy page! Please tell me I’m not the only one who falls down sometimes while quickly cleaning…..?


What’s YOUR biggest adulting FAIL or SUCCESS?

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