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Art Projects for Kids – Have Fun with Your Little Ones

Kids get bored easily and the best way to keep them occupied is to start DIY art projects. The kids are not only going to have something fun and exciting to do, but they will also get an outlet where they can express their creativity and learn new skills. To make things even better, art projects for kids are super simple to learn and they can be done with everyday items that you have around the house. With that said, check out our top six favorite art projects for kids.

Top Six Art Projects for Kids

#1 Marbled Art

Marbled Art

Your kiddos are going to love creating marbled art. This art project is super simple and more important, very fun! All you need is some rubbing alcohol and white titles. All that is left is to encourage your kids to get creative with the colors.

#2 Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint

If you are looking for art projects for kids that only take a couple of minutes to create, then you don’t need to search anymore! Just squeeze 4-ingredient paint on a piece of paper and microwave the artwork for around 5 seconds. The paint will puff up and your kids will learn an important lesson about science.

#3 Key Windchime

Key Windchime

Do you have a lot of keys that are no longer useful? If that is the case, then you might want to paint them in different colors and transform them into a DYI key windchime. The trick to making the windchime work is to place the keys about one inch to each other.

#4 Paper Bread Necklaces

Paper Bread Necklaces

With just a couple of strips from scrapbooking paper, your kids will be able to create unique and colorful paper bread necklaces. The paper strips need to be rolled into beads and then you can glue them together with paperclips or a string. You can even use newsprints to get more colorful beads.

#5 Paper Planes Game

Paper Planes Game

We think it’s safe to say that most kids already saw how to build paper planes in school, but you can take things to the next level and build a game around that. This DIY flight school game is only going to take 5 minutes to craft and your kids are going to have lots of fun with it. Who can get the most points?

#6 Floating Chalk Paint

Floating Chalk Paint

Fill a small tub with water and scrape colored chalk onto the top of the water. The chalk dust will start floating and now you can start mixing the colors with a skewer. The last step is to gently place a piece of paper on top of the water’s surface and the colors will instantly become a print. I personally prefer any craft that involves string for waist beads, but these crafts will do just fine!

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