Benefits of Dogs

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As you guys well know, we have FOUR dogs in our family. While some people question our sanity, they need to realize that there’s so many benefits of dogs, and having even just one in your family can make a huge difference in a lot of ways! I always knew I wanted to have at least a couple when I grew up, but even then I didn’t realize just how good they’d be for us and our kiddos.

Benefits of Dogs #AD #DogsAreMore #IC

When people think ‘loyal’ or ‘best friend’, they often think of dogs – and for good reason. Our furry friends are dedicated to us, aim to please by learning tricks or commands, and are there even when we’re in our grumpiest moods. They don’t just sit by us on the couch, they remind us that we’re not alone. When I get upset and my little Hera licks my face, she’s trying to help calm me down. Our Tula is extra great at sensing our feelings, and whether it’s hubby, me or the kids that are sad or upset, she’s right there to be a companion – to let us cry, snuggle, pet her, or just to be near us as a comfort. And now Milk-Bone® is following the example of these incredible animals by making treats that ‘do more’ – instead of just a normal treat time, it’s a chance for us to care for our pets and return all the love they give to us.

Benefits of Dogs #AD #DogsAreMore #IC

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary with Canine Assistants, a non-profit organization that trains and provides wonderful service dogs to adults and even children with physical disabilities or special needs, Milk-Bone created this really sweet video to show us just some of the dogs and pet parents that they’ve helped over the past 20 years – showing us how dogs are MORE.

Just like these incredible dogs are transforming the lives of their pet parents, our 4 dogs make such a huge impact to the whole family. The kids love coming home and being greeted by the dogs, who show their excitement and love for the kiddos with their wagging tails and licks. When the kids do their reading, they enjoy it more with a companion – especially if it’s one of our furry family members snuggled up next to them. I think if I had to choose just ONE of the benefits of dogs that’s my favorite, it’d be that companionship.

Benefits of Dogs #AD #DogsAreMore #IC

When I’m home working all day, it’s a comfort having at least one or two (sometimes all four) of my pups laying on the floor around me while I’m at my computer. It makes a world of difference having that faithful companionship and the selfless love from my sweet pets. They do so much for our family, and we wouldn’t be the same without them – so of course we love treating them with Milk-Bone treats for good listening, or just because we want to show THEM how loved they are!

Benefits of Dogs #AD #DogsAreMore #IC

They’re even great for when you need a good laugh – from silly tricks or just funny poses, our dogs can really give us something to smile about and just feel a little less tense. Even when they completely squeeze and slide themselves right next to you (whether there’s space or not) just because they want to be close to us, or get so comfy that they start slipping INTO the couch, it’s adorably hilarious!

Benefits of Dogs #AD #DogsAreMore #IC

With so many benefits of dogs, from having a snuggle buddy, a door greeter, a warm ‘blanket’, an exercise friend, or a comforter when we’re feeling down or upset, having a dog in your family can definitely make your life ‘more’!

Benefits of Dogs #AD #DogsAreMore #IC

What are your favorite benefits of dogs?


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