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Damaging a piece of steel jewelry is considerable because that’s cheap. But what if you damage your gold necklace while designing? Can you imagine that situation?

You won’t have to worry about it if you use a decent pair of pliers for making jewelry. Honestly, not every plier can provide the proper comfort and performance. Rather than providing the support, they can make damage.

Don’t worry, as we bring you some of the best pliers for jewelry making to get relief from those issues. No more headache about the quality, no more problem finding the appropriate size. Just pick your preferred one and enjoy working.



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Shynek Jewelry Making Pliers

Cousin 4460 Craft Tool

WORKPRO Jewelers Pliers Set

Anezus Jewelry Tools Kit

Beadthoven Ring Opening Pliers

Types of Jewelry Pliers

You wouldn’t believe how many types of pliers are available for making jewelry. Some jewelry is for basic work, some are only for professionals, and those are only used for very specific designs.

Choosing the right pliers for the work is very significant. And it can also give you a lot of comfort during work. In addition, it can be a huge time saver for your work.

Let’s look at some of the types of jewelry pliers.

Round Nose Pliers

The jaw of these pliers is rounded in the corner, so that’s why it is known as round nose pliers. This specific tool is used to bend the material to make a specific shape. Other than that, it creates a wire loop and helps to join the rounded edge.

For example, we use this to create a ring and chain. Here we need to bend the material to reach that appropriate rounded figure.

End Cutters

End cutter is the simple solution for cutting edge during jewelry making. People also know the end cutter Pliers tool as nippers. The head of this tool is designed particularly to tear out the wires or rivets in a very easy way.

The flat head design will make it super handy to cut the edge of the wires and material.

Flat Nose Pliers

A flat nose plier is the most common and basic tool of all pliers. This one is particularly common for its multiple work purposes.

Because of its flat rectangular leg, you can use it to hold things, bend the material, or open & close things effortlessly.

Wire Wrapping Pliers

This one is a professional tool, and only very few people use it for a very specific purpose. Either one or both legs of these pliers contain multiple small identical barrels that help wrap the wires up.

Other tools also can do the same things, but this one is multifunctional and specifically made to make a coil or loop shape.

Concave & Convex Pliers

This one is another common plier. It is used to form shanks or bending metals. Especially creating round ear wires. The design of the head is similar to the concave and convex figure. That’s why it’s called Concave & Convex Pliers.

Our Recommended Top 10 Best Pliers for Jewelry Making Reviews in 2022

Choosing the suitable pliers for jewelry making can be a bit confusing. There’re a lot of factors to consider including the price range that make things even tougher. Let’s have a look at some of the top options available that may satisfy your needings.

1. Shynek Jewelry Making Pliers Tools with Needle Nose

You won’t be able to make great jewelry without having a set of decent pliers. After all, good pliers help to produce better work. Here Shynek is offering a set of three pliers for speeding up your work.

You can find out multiple work variations, and decent build quality very easily, and that’s the specialty of this combination.

After unwrapping the box, you’ll see three pliers for jewelry making: needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, and wire cutters. Every tool in the box is expert at certain tasks, making each of them decent.

The appropriate solution is gripping, bending, and holding needle-nose pliers. Other than that, it can open and close different small materials. The special feature of this tool is it can reach very tiny corners and hold the wire tight for work.

Round nose plier is the second tool that comes with the box. The main purpose of the round tool plier is to make loops to create a ring and chain figure along with other works.

The last tool is a wire cutter. Using this tool, you can cut any jewelry materials with full flexibility. This one is can also be used for holding materials. Thus, giving you both cutting and holding power.

Manufacturers coated the tools with the rust preventing oil, which will protect them from corossion. Hence, extending their lifespan.

The handles of the tools are coated with exceptional rubber grip. It’s super flexible when designing the jewelry because you’ll get full control. The handles are also soft enough to prevent hand fatigue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with three important pliers set
  • Rubber handle for extra grip
  • Metal material gives a better durability
  • It has 3 different colors for stunning looks
  • Applied anti-rust oil on the tool for safekeeping

2. Jewelry Tool Kit by Cousin

Lightweight pliers set can be the best buddy of any jewelry maker. Heavy pliers are a little hard to hold for a long time. Lightweight tools, on the other hand, can give the comfort needed.

Cousin 4460 is such a set that consists three basic yet important tools. The three tools are Needle Nose Plier, Round Nose Plier, and Side Cutter.

Every plier has a unique handle color(for example, you will see an aqua color handle on the needle nose pliers, same to others) so that you can easily locate your preferred tool among others.

The shape of the pliers can easily fit your hand, giving you comfort for long term usage. The dimension of the tools (4.65 x 2.64 x 0.28 inches) is standard for jewelry making.

The curved edge of the pliers help you to do small tinkering with the jewelry. This makes it suitable for working with small jewelries such as nose or ear rings.

The figures for all the pliers are very easy to use. Like the cutter is hard and narrow. On the other hand, the needle has long, sharp legs to accomplish even more sensitive work.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight pliers can be easily handled
  • Comes with 3 pliers, including needle nose pliers, which is very significant.
  • The curved edge of the pliers show distinctive looks
  • Individual color handle for easy reorganization
  • Coated with rust-resistant coil for more protection.

3. WORKPRO Jewelers Pliers Set Tools Kit with Carrying Pouch

Who doesn’t want a set of highly durable pliers for making jewelry? Normal pliers can be easily damaged during work even though thay are claimed to be made of solid metal.

But when the material is Carbon Steel, there’s no chance of getting damaged. This is where Workpro 7-piece comes in.

Rather than using common metal, they make their pliers with Carbon Steel. This means it’s even more durable, and environment friendly at the same time.

Here you will get a total of the 7 best jewelry pliers combination sets. The pliers are nylon jaw pliers, round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, diagonal cut nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire looping pliers, and brass rings. Yes, you have everything you need in one place.

The handles are made of plastics so you might think it’ll be a bit flimsy, but in reality, the grip is great. All the tools come in blue, which might confuse you if you prefer individual color for each plier.

Workpro also provides an acute zipped pouch for carrying the pliers. In addition, there are some sticky stripes so that the pliers can easily fit inside the bag. This makes both jewelry making and storing tools effortless.

Highlighted Features:

  • Carbon steel material will deliver the best durability
  • Comes with 7 different pliers set combination
  • Competent for beginner to professional.
  • Plastic handle cover for more grip
  • A pouch will be there to carry the pliers.

4. Nezus Needle & Round Nose Pliers Set

Just the material won’t make a pliers perfect for the job. An ideal plier also needs to have a suitable design. It helps to produce even better quality.

Anezus 4Pcs comes with an exceptionally ergonomic design. It means you will be comfortable using it, elimanating any potential hand fatigue.

There are 4 pliers combinations, including needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, and Bent nose pliers. The bent nose pliers uses are a little exceptional but significant.

You will have a rubber grip to hold the pliers more comfortably. Plastic grip often slips from hands, but rubber gripes provide a firm grip while working.

Multicolor variation for individual tools. This feature helps to recognize the pliers because every single plier has a unique color. Distinguishing pliers have never been this easy.

The size is a little bigger than regular pliers. You may love to use little bigger pliers because it gives more close control during work, whereas little pliers are a bit hard to handle.

The body of the pliers have great smooth finishes which makes the tools look more elegant and easy to use at the same time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with four different pliers, including bent nose pliers
  • The rubber grip handle will provide more clamping
  • Multicolor for individual pliers help to recognize easily
  • Ergonomic design provides more flexibility in using
  • The great metallic finish creates a more stunning look.

5. Beadthoven Split Ring Opening Pliers

Opening a ring is very common in jewelry customizing. Without the appropriate tools, you can’t achieve your desired results.

Beadthoven Split brings you the quality needed to make things easier. With this too, you can open the ring without any scratches. How?

Well, it is made of carbon steel materials. As a result, the chances of scratches and dents are very slim.

Most importantly, it’s durable and long-lasting. In addition, it isn’t very heavy. You can easily carry it to any palace, giving you the portability you need.

Sturdy mechanisms gives you the ultimate comfort and control in work. The spring is of great quality, so you don’t need to put too much pressure while opening rings.

Using this split ring opener, you can do other work besides jewelry making. You can easily open the stubborn key rings to add/remove more keys. Also, you can use it to make bracelets.

It has a hard plastic handle, which gives you comfort while using. However, plastic often slips from wet hands, so be aware of that while working.

Highlighted Features:

  • Carbon steel material makes this pliers very hard and durable
  • Unique design and reasonable mechanism gives a better experience
  • Lightweight pliers can be easily carried
  • Comfortable size gives more flexibility

6. Beadsmith Jeweller’s Micro Pliers

Jewelry making is a sensitive job, so choosing suitable tools is a must. When you are repairing or making a chain, a chain nose plier can be your solution.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to bend your chain perfectly. In that case, the Beadsmith bent pliers comes as a savior for you as it can easily resist dent and scratch.

Being made of alloy steel, it’s substantial and lightweight. It is also super easy to carry.

The handle is made with a unique material called Polyvinyl Chloride. That means you will experience quite excellent tensile strength. Besides, as the material is strong, you don’t have to worry about its lifespan.

The size can be an issue because it’s smaller than the average sized pliers. But it is acceptable since it has great material and mechanism.

Unique bent needle nose will help you to reach even in some extreme point to give smooth mobility. Something that makes it exceptional compared to others.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple usages are possible with these tools
  • Alloy steel give extreme durability
  • Polyvinyl Chloride provides sufficient strength and flexibility.
  • Double leaf spring will prevent hand cramping or pressure.
  • A smooth finish over the pliers shows a decent look.

7. Vouiu Bail Making Plier

If you are a professional, you always need decent bail maker pliers because it can be used for sensitive works.

With these bail-making pliers, you can make the tiniest loop for the jewelry. This 6 step bail-making pliers from voulu is a prime example of that. Because of its multifunctional design, you can use this tool for different purposes.

Carbon steel material has been used here for ultimate durability and protection of the pliers. This material makes the tools more lightweight than other materials.

This bail-making plier has a 6.2″/15.8cm shape. However, that’s not the regular size, but still, that would be a fine shape. However, if you can’t cope with that small shape, it can be an issue.

The handlebar material is also High Carbon Steel. This means you will get all those additional benefits. The manufacturer coated the handle with anti-slip grip handles. Therefore, you will get the maximum easement.

Highlighted Features:

  • High Carbon Steel gives the highest durability
  • Anti-slip grip make the user experience more comfortable
  • 1 cm cutting width can help to create extremely tiny loop/round
  • 6 step pliers can be used to create different size loop

8. Nylon Jaw Pliers Jewelry Making Tools by Vouiu

As a professional, you always need a tool to wrap your jewlery at ease. Not every jewelry making tools can do that job precisely, though.

And here you have Voulu nylon jaw pliers that works great in wrapping. The multipurpose workability is the main strength of these pliers.

It’s produced using carbon steel for extreme protection so you don’t need to worry about it. This tool is a bit heavier than others, so the weight should be bulky. But the carbon material makes it a lighter plier.

Likewise, handlebars are extremely durable because of the same material. Additionally, nylon provides more grips to hold things. As a result, you’ll have the ultimate comfort while working.

Using a nylon pad is a unique decision, but it can fall off in a high press situation. That can be a problem if you are an extreme user. Other than that, it’s great in terms of quality you’ll get.

Comes with an anti-rust oil coating for the ultimate protection. After unwrapping the package, you can wash out that oil. But if you are not going to use it freshly, leave that like that.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multipurpose workability helps a lot
  • Carbon material make it more durable
  • Nylon pad provides better grip
  • Anti-slip grip gives more comfort
  • Smooth finish brings an elegant look.

9. Vouiu Round Nose Jewelry Pliers

Frankly, there are multiple pliers available for creating loops. For example, bail-making loops are one of them.

But not all pliers are ready to provide maximum accuracy to form a coil. Voulu round nose pliers jewlery making tools will be the perfect choice to reach your targeted position in that case.

You can use these pliers to replace many others because they can be used in different jewelry-making such as eye pins, jump rings, or wire wrapping.

For this reason, it can be considered the best round nose pliers for jewelry making because of their tough materials.

Like others, voulu also uses carbon steel to make the body. In addition, they also use the same material to create the handle of the pliers with more gripping power. So it’s very comfortable to use.

The diameter could be a little bigger in some circumstances. Because usually, you would prefer a standard size, which is missing here. But that doesn’t create any problem with using.

The jump rings used here are particularly great in terms of quality. Also, you will not experience any dent stack on the jump ring. Therefore it’s a big relief for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong spring will help achieve better movement
  • Carbon material show the toughness
  • High carbon steel makes the handlebar more durable
  • Hard jumping rings bring you very comfort of using the pliers
  • Small size pliers can be great for some specific work.

10. Eoocvt 5pcs Mini Jewelry Tool Kit

Whether you are a professional or a newbie, it’s always great to have a set of jewelry-making pliers in the collection. Why? Because you can bring that into play and do most of the jewelry-making work at ease.

Eoocvt brand is offering something like that. They have a great pliers combination with 5 basic tools.

The pliers are Round nose pliers, Long nose pliers, bent nose pliers, Diagonal side cutter, and bent cutter. This set is enough to start making jewelry.

All 5 pliers are made of carbon steel so that you don’t need to worry about the toughness and durability of the pliers. They will provide the perfect accuracy.

A chrome-plated finish make these pliers even more stylish in looks. Most importantly, it won’t reflect light during work because of the plated finish.

All come in identical deep black colors. It may create a problem because it’d be hard to recognize pliers when all look the same. Other than that, the color is vibrant and elegant.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 pliers combination set help create any basic jewelry
  • The great design and function helps to multipurpose workability
  • Carbon material provides great durability
  • Captative double ring spring will be comfortable for your hand
  • The black color rubber handle gives the extreme grip

Comparison Table of Top 10 Pliers for Jewelry Making

Product Name




The Beadsmith Bent

Alloy steel


Polyvinyl Chloride

Eoocvt 5pcs Mini

Carbon material

5 piece set



Carbon steel

7 piece set


Vouiu Bail Making

Carbon Steel


Carbon Steel

Shynek 3pcs

Normal Steel

3 piece set


Pliers for Jewelry Making Buying Guide

As you reading this article means you are going to buy a new set of pliers, right? That won’t be a problem. But have you thought of which features are really important to justify before purchasing? If you don’t know, that’s fine.

We are here to assist you. Here we’ll share some interactive tips and suggestions regarding what to care about before buying your preferable jewelry-making pliers.

Size Do Matter

Initially, people don’t care about the plier’s size before purchasing. But suddenly, they realize that they have made a mistake.

Because either it won’t perfectly fit in hand or it’s too big to operate. So remember that size matters here.

Indeed, material, design, function matter but size is also important. At first, figure out your preferable size, then look for it. If you don’t do this, you will waste a long time coping with the pliers.

Check the Materials

Who wants to have heavy flimsy pliers for long periods of work? Exactly nobody. Thus don’t go for regular steel material or plastic body pliers. It won’t give any accuracy or any comfort.

Better go for carbon materials because those are the most durable materials in the market. In addition, it would be very lightweight so you will feel very pleasant using that.


Without a proper grip on the handlebar, you never feel comfortable using the pliers. Therefore check out who is providing rubber grip with carbon steel material. Rubber gives you extreme grip.

On the other hand, plastic is good but not the best gripping. Better if you avoid plastic, at least in this segment.

Don’t Overlook The Spring of The Pliers

At least 70% of people forgot to check the spring part. But the professions never skip this. Every plier has a spring situated on the pivot point (middle area), which helps move the jaw and handle.

Regular spring never gives you better accuracy while working. In addition, it will ask for more pressure for proper work.

That’s Why it’d be better to go for the captive double ring spring. Why? Because it won’t require much pressure, you don’t have to waste too much energy.

Most importantly, it’s very efficient.

Color Variation

When you purchase a plier set, make sure that all pliers have their unique color symbol because it will help you recognize the pliers very easily while working.

Otherwise, it’ll waste time when you switch your pliers during work; you won’t easily recognize the preferred pliers.


Is it expensive to start making jewelry pliers?

Yes, it is expensive. But still, there are some questions because it specifically depends on how experienced you are on this site. It also depends on which material you are going to use.

Overall it needed a bigger investment to start from zero.

What pliers do I need for jewelry making?

You can’t even start your journey without flat nose pliers and round nose pliers because they are the most common and basic pliers. You’ll add shape with that. But for cutting, you need the wire cutter and flush cutter.

Besides, jaw pliers or wire-wrapping pliers will add more value.

Which pliers can make the best round shape?

Round nose pliers can make the best round shape, especially loops and coils. Chain nose pliers also can create the best loop. In addition, bail-making pliers can also be used to do the same things.

Is crimping pliers for jewelry making only?

No, it’s not. Crimping pliers have multiple workabilities. Besides jewelry making, you can also use crimping pliers in plumbing and electric works. It helps to attach the connector.

Final Words

The most intense thing about jewelry making is you never easily get the suitable pliers for your work. When you don’t have accurate pliers, you will not get the ultimate result. So finding suitable pliers is the first task to unlock.

As you have come this far, we believe you know how to figure out the best pliers for jewelry making among all other dummy ones.

Note down your requirements and match them up with the product before purchase. Are you all set? Get your preferred pliers and enjoy working at ease.

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