Best Yarn Ball Winder 2022 | Perfect for Professional Knitters

Winding yarn manually can be a very time-consuming and tedious task. Since we have new inventions that help us in all the other things in our lives, why not get something that will help us wind yarns as well?

If you are tired of your hands cramping up from hours of yarn winding, you might want to invest in a yarn ball winder.

With the best yarn ball winder, you can wind yarns into a center-pull ball in just a few minutes. The tool can be clamped to a table for ease of use.

When the yarn is balled up nicely, you won’t have to detangle the yarn as you work. This can help save you a lot of time.

If you want to know about a few of the top winders for yarn in the market, keep on reading!



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KnitPicks Yarn Ball Winder

Metal Yarn Winder by Stanwood

Craft Destiny Yarn Winder

Natural Series Ball Winder

Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder

Benefits Of Using Yarn Ball Winder

Yarns that are not in a center-pull ball form, work just fine. So, why should you invest your money in a yarn ball winder? What are the benefits of the product? Here are five reasons how a ball winder for yarn can make knitting more efficient.

1. Faulty Yarn Can Be Identified

When you buy a new yarn ball from the store, there’s no way of telling if there is any fault on the individual yarn strings. Because a new skein is already balled up, you can’t really see the insides.

Some manufacturers might try and scam you by tying up torn pieces of yarn together and rolling them up into a ball. When you use a ball winder, you get to inspect the yarn properly.

This way you can choose to cut off the pieces that you feel are weak. Preparing the yarn like this beforehand will save you from getting surprised halfway through your work.

If you notice a major fault in the yarn after you’ve already started working, you might have to scrap the entire project. Using a ball winder will prevent this from happening, as you get to identify the faults in advance.

2. Organized Storage

With the help of a ball winder, you can wrap up the yarns into cylinders. Each cylinder can be stacked on top of the other.

Not only does this keep loose yarn together in one place, but it also helps you store the yarn more effectively.

The cylinders of yarn don’t take much space, and so they can be stored in an organized way.

3. Ability To Use Both Ends Of The Yarn

If you have experience in knitting, you will know that double-stranded knitting requires two rolls of yarn. Working with two different roles or balls can be a bit of a hassle. You need to keep both of the yarns in the same place without them rolling off the table.

When you use a winder, you can get access to both ends of the yarn ball. Therefore, you can use one single cylinder of yarn for double-stranded knitting.

If you want to use multiple colors, you can wind the yarn with two colors as well. Knitting will be more efficient and easy to manage with access to both ends of a yarn ball.

4. Time Management

Some yarns that you buy, claim that you can pull them easily from the middle. But most of the time, doing this causes tangles instead of saving you time.

When yarns are kept loose, there’s a very high possibility of them getting tangled together. When you start working, you have to spend hours trying to detangle them.

If you are someone who knits or crochets quite often, it’s better if you keep your yarns organized in a ball or cylindrical form using a winder. You will never have to spend a second trying to detangle your yarn after you’ve used the device.

Also, because the winder is designed to form a center-pull system, you won’t have to chase the cylinders when working. They stay in place when in use, thanks to the flat yarn-wrapped bottom.

5. Helps Keep The Elasticity Of Yarn Intact

Yarns can lose their elasticity if they’re not stored properly. If you wind them up into a very tight ball, you will have to use a strong pulling force when you’re working with them.

This might cause the yarn to stretch out and lose its elasticity. When you use a winder, the tool wraps the yarn into a center-pull ball firmly but not tightly. Therefore, when you’re using the yarn you won’t have to use any pulling force.

No matter how long you store the yarn in this ball form, the product will never lose its elasticity. This increases the durability and the overall lifetime of the yarn quite significantly.

Top 10 Best Yarn Ball Winder Reviews in 2022

1. Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder

No matter how good of a yarn ball winder you buy, it won’t work properly if it isn’t set upright. With this Knit Picks yarn ball winder, you can set up and start using the device without any tools.

The no-tool setup means that you can install the device on your table using clamps, without worrying about scratches and marks.

The yarn is balled up in a center-pull form. This means that you pull the yarn from the middle. When you use the yarn ball, it won’t spin around uncontrollably.

Made with 3mm thick steel, it’s the best yarn ball winder when it comes to durability. The high-quality build keeps rust away with its powder coating.

With the capability to wind almost 2 times more yarn than regular winders, this unit is perfect for people who have a lot of workloads. The device has a 10-ounce yarn winding capacity!

Another great feature that the winder possesses is a very well-built nylon gear. The gear is sturdy and adjustable. Therefore, you can use it at a slow speed for woolen yarn. Also, the device won’t make any noise during operation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gear can be operated at a slow speed
  • Can wind 10 ounces of yarn
  • The Center Pull method keeps the yarn ball from moving uncontrollably when used
  • 3mm thick steel construction with rust resistance
  • Quiet and smooth operation with speed regulation

2. Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Ball Winder

If you have to work with yarns regularly, this can be a great winder for you. The device can make large 10 Oz yarn balls.

Made with high-quality steel, the machine will last you a long time. The product has a powder coating and is rust-resistant as well.

Not only is the device easy to put together, but it’s also easy to put away. Because there are no tools involved in the setup, you can easily store it away when you’re not using it.

You can use acrylic, luxury yarns, merino, cashmere, silk, wool, and cotton yarns. The speed regulation allows you to use the winder at both high, and low speeds. You can adjust the speed settings according to the material you are working with.

It gently wraps the yarn into a ball without pulling. This way, the elasticity of the yarn is kept intact.

On the bottom of the winder, you will find rubber pads that keep scratches and marks away from the tabletop.

Highlighted Features:

  • Does not pull on the yarn, keeps elasticity intact
  • Can be used for acrylic, luxury yarns, merino, cashmere, silk, and even cotton yarn
  • Rubber pads prevent scratches
  • Easy to put together and store away
  • Can wind large sized 10oz yarn balls

3. Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny

Attaching the winder to your table can be hard sometimes. Especially if the table you are working on is thick.

The Craft Destiny winder comes with an adjustable clamp. You can widen the clamp to set the winder to wider tables, which are up to 1 ¾ inches. The metal-constructed clamp is also very sturdy and has a good grip. Therefore, it won’t move around when used.

Rubber pads underneath the clamp keep your tables scratch-free. Besides adding protection, these also help keep the winder more stable on the table.

The handle of the winder is made of metal. You can count on this product to last you a very long time.

Using the device, you can turn your yarn into both center-pull or outside pull balls, whichever form you are more comfortable in. The added knitting kit includes some free accessories that you can use daily.

Highlighted Features:

  • The clamp can be adjusted for wider tabletops
  • Sturdy metal handle
  • Metal clamp with rubber pads to protect tabletop
  • Can roll yarn into both center-pull and outside pull form
  • Includes free knitting kit with accessories for daily use

4. Knitter’s Pride Natural Series Ball Winder

The Knitter’s pride yarn ball winder is truly one of a kind. Before we get into the benefits and features, we must appreciate the winder’s beauty.

Made with natural and laminated birch wood, this winder has a very unique design. It will look quite breathtaking on your table. The winders have been handcrafted after all!

Added anti-friction bearings make the rotation smoother. You won’t have to hold the yarn in place when winding. The bearing is designed to allow free rotations, which does not require much managing.

The winder is used to make center-pull balls that are easy to work with. Once rolled, the yarn balls won’t roll around on the table when being used. This makes crocheting a lot easier.

Since the handles are so sturdy, you can use the device to wind large amounts of yarn. You wouldn’t be able to do so with smaller plastic handles. It can handle about 15 ounces of yarn winding at one go.

One other thing that we appreciate is that the device does not make any noise when used.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handcrafted yarn ball winder
  • Anti-friction bearings allow free rotations that don’t require much managing
  • Made out of birch and laminated wood
  • Sturdy handles can wind a large amount of yarn
  • Does not make any noise

5. Stanwood Needlecraft YBW-A Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder

Lightweight yarn ball winders are truly a convenience! Usually, you put your winder away after you are done working with it. So, if the winder is a bit lightweight, like the Stanwood winder, you will be able to carry it to the storage space more easily.

It weighs only 0.8 pounds. Although the device is light, it is still quite sturdy. Once set up properly, it won’t move around or shake things on the table.

It has the capability of winding about 4 ounces of yarn. The metal crank works smoothly to turn loose yarn into manageable center-pull balls.

Contrary to its previous model, the Stanwood Needlecraft YBW-A works a lot quieter. There is a very low noise that only the user can hear.

Although it’s better if you use the product with a swift, it can still be used without the tool as well. You can also replace the swift with other similar tools. The winder is quite flexible that way.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight 0.8 pounds construction
  • The sturdy build does not shake things on the table
  • Makes less noise than their previous models
  • Can ball up about 4 ounces of yarn
  • Metal sturdy crank is great for regular winding

6. BUTUZE Yarn Ball Winder

Not all good things cost a million bucks. You can get a high-quality winder at an affordable price as well. If you have a tight budget, we would highly suggest that you get the BUTUZE yarn ball winder.

It’s a very affordable tool that everyone can purchase, and it works amazing as well. The set even comes with a free kit that includes knitting needing and other accessories.

When the crank is turned, you can wind large pieces of loose yarn in just a few minutes. It’s a very easy-to-use device that requires little to no setup.

Don’t worry about the yarn getting stuck in the gear. Even though this device is capable of filling up the spools quite quickly, it does not tangle the yarn.

The tool is made of plastic, yet the winder is very sturdy. It can be a great winder for regular use. The plastic construction makes the unit much more lightweight and easy to move.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Lightweight plastic, but sturdy construction
  • Comes with a kit that includes knitting needles
  • The crank can be turned to wind large amounts of yarn
  • Can fill up spools very quickly

7. Olikraft Store Yarn Ball Winder

When it comes to yarn ball winders, storage can be a big problem. If the device is not lightweight and compact, keeping it away can be a hassle.

This kit includes a yarn winder and a swift. So you won’t have to make an extra purchase. Also, the Olikraft yarn ball winder and swift are collapsible. It’s the best yarn swift and ball winder for ease of storage.

There is no need to whip out any tool for the installation. Setting up and removing the device is hassle-free. Both the swift and the winder can be attached to a table of 1 ¾ inch width.

The machine can wind up to 4 ounces of yarn in no time at all. If you have loose yarns that you need to wind quickly, this tool might come in handy.

A strong clamp holds the winder in place so that it doesn’t shake too much when being used.

Beginners will find the device very easy to use with the help of the added loose yarn guide.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can wind 4 ounces of yarn
  • Strong clamp that holds the device in place
  • Loose yarn guide added for beginners
  • Collapsible winder that can be stored easily
  • Swift added with the purchase

8. Lacis Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder

If you have a lot of loose yarn to wind, 4-ounce winders won’t be enough for you. For more workload, you need a yarn ball winder for large skeins, like the Lacis Jumbo.

What’s special about this device is that it winds the yarn at a diagonal. You can use the device for a variety of yarn materials. The versatility of the machine allows you to use both heavy-weight yarns to silky lace weight yarns.

For putting in the screws in the setup process, you need a screwdriver with magnetic tip. This tool comes free with your purchase.

This is more of a hefty tool that is meant to stay on the table for a while. It’s very close to a professional-grade winder. So storing away the winder is not the easiest task.

As this is a large-sized winder, you need some time to get used to it. There is a bit of a learning curve with the device.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tools needed for setup are included
  • Can wind 7 ounces of yarn
  • Professional grade yarn winder
  • Rolls the balls at a diagonal
  • Can be used with yarn of any weight and material

9. INTAJ Rosewood Yarn Winder

Anything handcrafted holds a lot of value. It’s more special and valuable.

The Intaj yarn winder is a must-have for collectors. Made by skilled artisans in India, this handcrafted yarn winder is like an art piece!

When it comes to durability, there is no other winder that can beat this one. Made with the highest quality rosewood, this machine has a very high product longevity rate.

To prevent the heavy winder from leaving a mark on your table, it has anti-skid rubber pads placed underneath for protection.

Besides looking great, the wood yarn ball winder also works amazing. It rolls the yarn balls so that they can be pulled from the center. This is a technique that prevents the yarn balls from moving too much when used.

Anti-friction bearing on the side ensures smoother and more manageable winding. Yarns never get jammed in the gear.

As a plus point, you can wind up to 450 grams, or 15 ounces of yarn on this winder! It’s a great device for professional knitters who have to wind large amounts of yarn.

Highlighted Features:

  • The winder will last you for years
  • Made by artisans in India
  • Handcrafted with the highest quality rosewood
  • Anti-skid rubber pads underneath keep the machine from moving
  • Anti-friction bearing ensures smooth and manageable winding

10. Looen Yarn Winder Yarn Ball Cakes String Winder

Organizing your yarn into smaller balls or cakes with this Looen Yarn winder will you help with easy storage. This device rolls loose yarn into more manageable cakes that are easy to store and don’t get tangled.

Assembling the product is a no-brainer. There aren’t many parts that need to be set up. Just clamp the device onto the table, and it’s ready to use.

Metal crank handles are durable and can take on a lot of pressure. You can remove the buckle and adjust it according to your need.

A non-slip mat has been added to the bottom of the unit so that it does not move or shake too much. This mat also keeps marks and scratches away from your tabletop when the device is in use.

Weighing just 1.27 pounds, the winder can be moved very easily. Because it does not make any noise, you can use it anywhere you want without disturbing anyone.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs only 1.27 pounds
  • Non-slip mat at the bottom keeps the device stable
  • Turns loose yarn into compact, easy-to-store cakes
  • Low noise level
  • Buckle can be removed and adjusted according to need

Comparison Table of Yarn Ball Winder




Set-Up Process

Knit Yarn Ball Winder

3.5 Ounce

Plastic And Steel

No Tool Installation

Stanwood Large Metal Yarn

4 Ounce

3mm Thick Steel

No Tool Installation

Yarn Winder By Craft Destiny

4 Ounce

Metal Handle And Clamp

No Tool Installation

Knitter's Ball Winder

15 Ounce

Natural And Laminated Birchwood

No Tool Installation

Needlecraft Ybw Yarn Ball Winder

4 Ounce


No Tool Installation

Butuze Ball Winder

4 Ounce


No Tool Installation

Olikraft Store Yarn Winder

4 Ounce

Plastic And Steel

No Tool Installation

Lacis Jumbo Winder

7 Ounce

Plastic And Steel

Magnetic Tip Screw Driver Needed

Intaj Rosewood Winder

15 Ounce


No Installation Needed

Looen String Winder

3.5 Ounce


No Tool Installation

Yarn Ball Winder Buying Guide

So you’re on your way to buying a yarn ball winder; what factors should you keep in mind? How will you know which winder is the one for you? Here are some features that you need to keep an eye on when buying the device.

Easy Set-Up

Winding your yarn into manageable balls is an additional step in your knitting process. Therefore it’s better if the machine is easy to set up. Otherwise, you might find yourself losing patience, and skipping the step of winding entirely.

Easy to set up winders are more efficient, and fast as well.

Easy Cranking

Winding machines that are sturdy have an easy cranking process. When we say easy cranking, we mean smooth rotation, with no tangling.

The Winder should never pull on the yarn. It should be a gentle movement that rotates and organizes the yarn into a manageable ball.

Oftentimes, you will find that sturdier and a bit heavier winders have a better and smoother cranking system. Winders that are made out of plastic, or seem a little bit cheap are not good for successful and tension-free yarn winding.


A yarn ball winder is not a device that you want to keep on repurchasing. That is why, during your initial purchase, you need to make sure that the product you are buying is of high quality.

We always recommend going for tools that are made out of wood. A wooden winder is the best yarn ball winder when it comes to durability and price combined. Metal winders are also quite sturdy. But these can be a little bit more expensive.

If you have a tight budget, you can also invest in ones made out of plastic. But you have to take care of them properly and handle them carefully so that they don’t break.


Besides the material with which the winder is made, you should also check whether the gears are protected or not. Gears that are left open might sometimes catch the yarn and seize up. Gears that are covered or protected are better because they will never jam.


The clamping system on the product should not cause any harm to your table. The attachment process is something that you need to check out before purchasing the winder as well. If the winder leaves a scratch or a mark on wooden tables, it will cost you a lot to repair the damages.

That is why no-tool installations are better when it comes to winders. Also, try and choose a product that has rubber mat underneath for slip and scratch protection.

How To Use Yarn Ball Winder Properly?

To get the most out of a yarn winder, you need to know how to use it properly. Follow this guide below to understand how you need to use this tool for effective results.

Step 1: Attach Winder To The Table

The first step to getting a well-organized yarn ball is attaching the winder to the edge of a table. If your table has a straight edge, this task will be very easy for you.

Different winders have different methods of attachment. Some have suctioned bottom while some have clamps. This will vary from product to product.

If you’re using a large yarn ball winder, make sure to put on a layer of cloth between the tool and your table. This will prevent the countertop or the tabletop from getting any scratches or marks.

Step 2: Attach Yarn To The Winder

For This step, you need to first find the end of the yarn. This can be very difficult especially if you have a loose yarn. After you have successfully gotten a hold of the end, you need to attach it to the notch.

Every winder has different instructions on this attachment procedure. You need to find the notch on the machine with the help of the user manual.

Step 3: Begin Winding

Now you have to start winding the yarn. Keep in mind that different materials of yarn react differently to the winding method and speed.

To be on the safer side, you should always start at a slower speed. As you get used to the winding, you can pick up the pace. Remember to always hold on to the yarn lightly so that it doesn’t get caught up in the gears.

Step 4: Decide On Center Pull Or Outside Pull

Once the yarns have been successfully transformed into small balls, you need to decide whether you want a center-pull or outside pull.

For an outside pull, you have to hold on to the top of the yarn using your thumb. You can then gently ease off the yarn as you’re working.

For center pull, get a hold of the yarn in the center, and pull it out gently.

That’s it! Now you have your yarns balled up into organized and more manageable pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Getting A Yarn Winder Worth It?

Using a yarn ball winder will make your knitting process a lot easier. As the device organizes the yarn into a center-pull ball, it’s easier for you to pull it when working. You won’t have to put much pressure or tug on the yarn. This reduces the overall fatigue while working, making you more efficient.

Getting a winder will also help you store loose yarns in a more organized way, not having to sacrifice much storage space.

2. How Much Yarn Can A Yarn Winder Wind?

Most of the standard-size yarn winders are capable of winding about 100 to 200 g of yarn. If you need more capacity, you can invest in larger size models, which are usually capable of winding about 450 g of yarn!

3. How Should You Store Yarn?

You can store yarn in a separate container, or compartment that does not hold on to moisture. Damp places are never good for yarns.

Yarn can also be stored in a normal, climate-controlled environment that does not have access to direct sunlight. Storing yarn in closed lid containers or boxes is never a good idea. They need a little bit of airflow to remain in good condition.

4. What To Do With Spare Yarn?

Spare yarn can be winded in with another roll or ball of yarn. If you don’t want to do that, or if the quantity of spare yarn is very low, you can try and make something small out of it.

A lot of people sometimes make knitted jewelry, headbands, or even coasters out of spare yarn.

Final Words

Using a yarn winding machine will change the way you knit. Once you get a hold of the tool, you will realize just how much you were missing out!

Keeping your yarns organized and rolled up into a center-pull ball can help you save up on a lot of time. It’s also a great way to reduce down the amount of storage space needed for yarns.

With the best yarn ball winder, you can roll up loose yarn in just a few minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right yarn winding tool for you, and say goodbye to detangling entwined yarn for good!

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