Better Nutrition for Your Dog & Other Tips

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How many of you have a dog or two? We have two amazing furry friends in our family, and they fit perfectly with our wacky personalities! We learned a lot raising these girls, so I thought it’d be good to share some advice for Better Nutrition for Your Dog & Other Tips.

Better Nutrition For Your Dog & Other Tips / by Busy Mom's Helper #ProPlanPet #ad

If you’ve followed the blog for awhile, you probably remember Kita (full black) and Tula (black/white). We adopted Kita from a tiny pup, then a year later got Tula from a shelter for a playmate. They’re the funniest pair, and we just can’t help but laugh at them running around teasing each other!

Of course we get all of our pet supplies from PetSmart, since they have the friendliest staff! Not only that, but they allow us to take in the dogs, which they think is the most exciting ‘adventure’!

Better Nutrition For Your Dog & Other Tips / by Busy Mom's Helper #ProPlanPet #ad

When we go, we try to do it during the daytime when they’re doing a doggie day camp or training, since it’s so fun to see the dogs interact with each other. These girls are part of our family, so we want to take the best care of them we can, especially with what they eat, which is why we get them Purina® Pro Plan®.

Better Nutrition For Your Dog & Other Tips / by Busy Mom's Helper #ProPlanPet #ad

They both LOVE this stuff, and I feel confident that it’s a wise choice for their health. Real chicken, beef, lamb, or salmon is the #1 ingredient found in all Purina® Pro Plan® dry formulas. Since both our dogs are part lab, we choose the Large Breed Adult dog food. I love that they have actual shredded pieces mixed into the food!

Better Nutrition For Your Dog & Other Tips / by Busy Mom's Helper #ProPlanPet #ad

It’s so funny how the girls react when we bring home a new bag! It’s like ‘gimme gimme’ – super cute! They eat it daily, yet the excitement is still there Every. Single. Time!

The people at Purina® Pro Plan® say “Our goal is to give your dog the nutrition to be his absolute best, helping him to be energetic and resilient, and maintaining an ideal body condition, healthy skin, and a stunning coat.” I can tell the difference with this food, so I feel great about feeding this to our special, extra-furry kids!

Better Nutrition For Your Dog & Other Tips / by Busy Mom's Helper #ProPlanPet #ad

Visit the Purina® Pro Plan® MyPLAN website to get your dog’s MyPLAN recommendation and a rebate offer for a free bag of Purina® Pro Plan® Dry Dog Food (4-6lbs, up to $18.99.) Good only in U.S.A. A.P.O’s, F.P.O’s. Void where taxed, prohibited, restricted. Allow 6-8 weeks for shipment. LIMIT ONE REQUEST PER INDIVIDUAL, ADDRESS, or EMAIL ADDRESS. Offer expires 04/30/2015.See full terms.

Better Nutrition For Your Dog & Other Tips / by Busy Mom's Helper #ProPlanPet #ad

Now that we’ve covered tips for great nutrition for your dogs, let’s get on to a few other tricks we’ve learned these couple years with our pups!

Tips for Dog Owners

  1.  If your dog likes laying on your bed, but you hate the fur getting everywhere, just have a certain blanket you lay on top during the day. Their shedding gets on that blanket, then you can just take it off to sleep in a nice, fur-free bed!
  2. Leave a dish towel or old rag underneath your pets feeding dishes. This will help reduce spills and messes!
  3. If there’s a special couch where your dog sleeps at night, lay out some cheap sheets before bedtime. Any fur, drool or even snot (yup, even dogs get boogy noses!) gets on the easily-washed sheets, and your couch is cleaner for daytime use/entertaining!

Better Nutrition For Your Dog & Other Tips / by Busy Mom's Helper #ProPlanPet #ad

What are YOUR best tips for dog owners?

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  • Your pups look so obedient, but I can also see the enthusiasm! My best tip is to be patient, while we can’t speak dog we can treat them with the same understanding and respect as we would a child, especially when training! #client

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