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Birthday Calendar DIY

It’s Saturday – WOOHOO! Seriously, this week has been so crazy, I’m majorly relieved it’s over. With Hubby and I sick one day, snow weather and semi-cancelled school, then Wonder Woman coming home sick today, it hasn’t been fun. Although today is filled to the brim of stuff needing to be done, at least it’s like reaching the end of a long, squeezy tunnel.
First, please ignore the terribly ugly paint color on the wall in these photos. Our house came with the paint color ‘Polar Mist’ on all the walls AND ceilings. I’m sorry, but that sounds like it should be a whiter color. This is sometimes beige, sometimes almost mustard…depends on the light. It’s also FLAT paint, so no shine to assist with lighting. Anywho, it’s TERRIBLE for photos, so please overlook that and just focus on this adorable and oh-so-easy Birthday Calendar. Quick, budget-friendly and totally customizable!
Supplies Needed
Board for Sign (I got a thin one from Michaels for about $4)
Paint for the board
Vinyl or paint for the text/decor (I used white vinyl)
Ribbon, string or dangle hooks
Pieces to be your actual name/birth date pieces
Paint for the pieces, if desired
Hot glue gun
Paint your board your desired color. Be sure to get the edges/sides as well, since they may be visible. Allow to dry completely.
Add your vinyl words/decor for the title (Birthdays and star swoops on mine) and the months. It’s very hard to fit the full month name, so I just abbreviated with the first 3 letters of each month. Or paint this on using stencils.
If you want to paint your pieces, do so before attaching. Allow to dry completely.
Use a hot glue gun to attach strips of ribbon to the bottom-back side of the board, so the spots are hidden behind the board. Attach your pieces to the ribbon as needed for the appropriate birthdays.
Write each person’s name and day of the month on their piece. For example, on one of the pieces hanging from November I put Dani then 29 under it….so Dani’s (my) birthday is November 29th.
Use the hot glue to attach a ribbon at the top (again, behind the board to hide the glue spots) so the board can hang.
Note: I recommend making your list of names/birth dates beforehand so you know how many people in each month. This helps choose a ribbon length and you know how many pieces to put per month. 
If you need to add a piece later: Just trim the bottom ribbon from the last piece in the month you’re adding to. Then hot glue a new strip of the ribbon to the back of the bottom piece in that month, and glue the piece to the new strip. Simple, and you’ll never be able to tell from the front!

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