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Don’t Miss the Capital One Auto Navigator Garage at the DFW Auto Show

As you may or may not have heard, we’re in the market for a new vehicle – again! Last year we upgraded big time to a 12-passenger van, since our plan was to adopt 3 more children. Things changed, and since we’re only adopting 1 more child now, it’s much larger than our needs. With a family size of 7, we have a ton of options to choose from with our new family vehicle, so I’m eager to check out the Capital One Auto Navigator Garage at the DFW Auto Show this month!


This is our van (aka BUS) that we got just last year, but while we love it, we’ll be glad to be in something a bit less bulky to park 🙂


If you’re wondering, the DFW Auto Show is one of the largest new car and truck shows in the NATION – ya, it’s big. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, family or potential buyer (like us), you’ll be able to check out the latest and greatest car styles, models, trends and technology. You also don’t want to miss seeing what Capital One® Auto Navigator® is all about!

Open to the public from March 22-26, 2017

Being one of the title sponsors for this year’s show, Capital One will show you how they’ve developed Auto Navigator, keeping customer needs top of mind. Just look for a space called the ‘Capital One Auto Navigator Garage’ for an enjoyable experience to learn more about how they can not only finance the car of your dreams, but also help you find it. This will definitely come in handy for my family as there’s so many choices for us to go through, I don’t really even know where to begin!

For those that may recognize the name Chip Foose, the well-known automobile designer and industry innovator, you’ll be thrilled to learn that he’ll be at the Capital One Auto Navigator Garage Saturday and Sunday (March 25-26) to meet with fans and discuss the latest and greatest in the auto industry – including car financing!


I don’t know about you, but my biggest headache with getting a new vehicle is the stress of not only choosing the right one, but FINANCING it. It can be so confusing, so I’m glad Capital One® Auto Navigator® is simplifying the process by adding transparency – you can even pre-qualify for auto financing and see their financing terms BEFORE heading to a dealer! This will make a huge difference so we can see the financial side of it from the start, then help that direct us in choosing our vehicle instead of the other way around. We’ve done that twice, and it was a nightmare! With Auto Navigator, consumers can find a vehicle and see their financing options, all in one place. And guess what? It gives you the opportunity to see if you pre-qualify for auto financing WITHOUT impacting your credit score. Love that!

As hectic as it is choosing our next family vehicle, since I plan for it to last us a long while, at least I can rest assured that the financing part won’t be the most stressful. Maybe choosing the color will be, which is a ‘problem’ I’m more than happy to tackle!

For more information about the Capital One Auto Navigator Garage, visit Capital One’s Facebook page.

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