Chef Mickey’s Breakfast at Walt Disney World

I’d heard a lot of hype about Chef Mickey’s Breakfast at Walt Disney World, so for our trip last year I just had to try it out for myself. People said it’s the best place to see characters and that it’s such a fun time. While there are fun characters and plenty of buffet-quality food, I’m still not sold on taking my whole family here. Read on to find out why!

Chef Mickey's Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Chef Mickey’s can be found near the top of the Contemporary Resort near Magic Kingdom. Reservations here fill up REALLY fast, so be sure to clock those in at 180 days out! Now, this is a breakfast buffet where classic characters come around, but not a ‘high-end’ restaurant, so the dress code was very lax. I even saw some families in pjs, so feel free to go dressed for what’s comfortable/appropriate for you! Just outside the entrance they had a little Mickey statue and some photopass photographers, so be sure to nab a photo while you’re there.

Chef Mickey's Breakfast at Walt Disney World

I did love that there was a LOT of variety at this breakfast buffet – everything from pastries, waffles, meats, variety of eggs, fruits and more. It was normal buffet quality, nothing fancy, but the options were endless so I think that made up for it. It’s a great place if you’re wanting to have a HUGE breakfast so you don’t have to eat lunch until later.

Chef Mickey's Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Here’s some of the foods we tried…

Chef Mickey's Breakfast at Walt Disney World

The whole place had a really classic Mickey-type theme…even the napkin holders had Mickey heads! All the red and yellow coloring was a little much for me, but it worked well with this place overall.

Chef Mickey's Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Now, if you’re going for the food I highly recommend choosing someplace else! BUT – if you really want to meet the classic characters without waiting in long lines, this was a good place to get that done. We saw Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Goofy. They didn’t spend a LOT of time at our table, but it was fine for a quick photo and autograph. At one point in the meal they turned up the music and danced around with the kids, which seemed to be popular.

Chef Mickey's Breakfast at Walt Disney World

The reason I would prefer someplace else with characters – like Tusker House or somewhere – is that it was pretty pricey for regular buffet food (but did have good variety, it had that going for it) and although it was fun seeing the characters, it was really nosy. PLUS it doesn’t allow you early access to a park like a restaurant inside the parks would do. I haven’t written off Chef Mickey’s completely, but will really consider things before choosing to eat here next time.

If you’ve eaten at Chef Mickey’s what were your thoughts?

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