Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses

With Christmas right around the corner (like two days….WHAT?!) plus New Year’s just a week away, there’s plenty to celebrate! With all our kiddos, we don’t really ‘party hard’ or get out much, but we like to have some fun parties at home to ring in these great occasions. One fun thing that’s a huge hit with the kids AND us adults are these super festive Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses!

Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses / by Busy Mom's Helper #Parties #Chocolate #NewYears #Christmas

Fun , right?! This are also SO easy to make, I feel a bit silly doing a full tutorial….but a few years ago it would’ve seemed ridiculously overwhelming to me. So here we go!

Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses / by Busy Mom's Helper #Parties #Chocolate #NewYears #Christmas


  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate (either chips or bars)
  • Glasses or cups
  • Toppings of choice: mini mallows, m&ms, peppermint pieces, oreo crumbles, etc.
  • Bowls or plates to hold stuff


  1. Have your toppings in bowls or plates (my plastic glasses were LARGE at the rim, so plates worked best for me) Melt the chocolate fully, but don’t burn it. I put mine on a microwave-safe plate and cooked on 50% power and heat at 30 second intervals, stirring between, until it’s all melted. Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses / by Busy Mom's Helper #Parties #Chocolate #NewYears #Christmas
  2. Dip the rim of your glasses into the chocolate so it’s lightly covered. Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses / by Busy Mom's Helper #Parties #Chocolate #NewYears #Christmas Don’t try to get TOO much chocolate on there, or it’ll run down the edge. Dip into your topping of choice and stick into the freezer for 5-10 minutes to allow the chocolate to harden. Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses / by Busy Mom's Helper #Parties #Chocolate #NewYears #Christmas
  3. Enjoy filled with hot cocoa, milk or good ol’ eggnog!

Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses / by Busy Mom's Helper #Parties #Chocolate #NewYears #Christmas

We’re enjoying these on Christmas Eve, then as a special toast to ring in the New Year next week! My kids think it’s so fun to have little ‘treats’ with their drinks, and it just adds a little more magic to the party. My kids are tied between M&Ms or the dried mini marshmallows, while I love the peppermint chips. What would YOUR favorite topping be?

Chocolate Rimmed Party Glasses / by Busy Mom's Helper #Parties #Chocolate #NewYears #Christmas

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