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Christmas Activity for the Whole Family

With Christmas being just days away, all the busy moms know that it’s not only the Christmas dinner you should be planning for. There’s the gifts, the family who’s coming over and the Christmas Activity for the Whole Family. Momma, you got the whole Christmas weight on your shoulders. But we got your back, busy moms! So, we made a list of Christmas Activity that the whole fam can enjoy!

Christmas Activities for the Whole Family

Making Christmas Wreaths

We all know that Christmas decorations are not complete without hanging a beautiful and festive Christmas wreath at your door. While you can always get it ready-made from Amazon or Target, hanging a Christmas wreath that has been hand-crafted by the whole family can make it extra special.

The first thing that you want to do is to get the kids excited by taking them outside and ask them to start gathering evergreen branches and pine cones. Your kids will love this “scavenger hunt”! After gathering all the materials, attach the greens to a wire ring. If you don’t have a metal ring around, you can make one out of coat hangers. With all honesty, this can be a really great family tradition to start with. Don’t forget to take pictures and compare your Christmas wreaths year by year.

Still unsure how to do it? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Christmas Wreath from Check it out here.

Play a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

With the kiddos jumping and running around the house all day long, I learned that there is nothing that will get them all more riled up than a scavenger hunt. You don’t have to buy anything special, just pick a couple of items that are commonly found in your household and hide them all around the house. You can also give a prize to the kid who gathers the most things! If you’re feeling like teasing your kiddos, you can hide their present around the house and set up clues to find them.

Want to spice up your Christmas Scavenger Hunt? Here’s some ideas.

Pick Out a Christmas Tree

Okay. So there’s only one rule in the house when it comes to Christmas decorations. That is, everyone must help in decorating the tree, but it’s better to do more than that. You can ask your kids to come on a road trip to the mall or the local store so that they can help you pick a tree. This will make them feel more involved and get more excited to get it decorated. You mommas know the light on the kiddos face when they see the tree all decorated. In fact, in our house, who puts the star on top of the tree can be a real competition.

Want some tips on picking the perfect Christmas tree? Read here.

Go Ice Skating

Even though your kiddos might have a hard time dealing with the cold or they might not like wearing too many layers of clothes, there is one thing that they are certainly going to love, Ice skating! It is a fun family adventure, and more importantly, your kids will be exhausted at the end of the day, and they will fall asleep as soon as you get home.

If you’re not sure where to go, here’s the Top US Ice Skating Rinks to Visit this Christmas.

Create a Hand-Made Christmas Cards

If you have a big family and not all of them can make it over to your home for Christmas, then I have a great idea about a family activity that your kids will have a blast with! You should craft your own Christmas cards and ask the kids to help out. If they are too young to draw, let them place colored thumbprints all over the cards. In fact, you can even create a mini-ones and use them a gift card or tags and if you’re looking for ready-to-print Christmas gift tags, you may check this one out.

These are our top 5 go-to Christmas activities with the whole fam. Whatever Christmas activity you’ll pick, be sure to have fun and spend time bonding with the whole family. After all, that is what Christmas is all about.

What Christmas activity do you plan to do with the whole family this Christmas? Share it with the other busy moms!

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