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Christmas Tic Tacs

This is one Christmas in July post that I’ve been totally stoked to share with y’all! These Christmas Tic Tacs come with three different holiday-themed printables, including Grinch Pills, Snowman Poop and Penguin Ice Cubes. Cute, right?!

Christmas Tic Tacs / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gift #Grinch

Funny story…we spent the past 3 weeks on vacation visiting our family and friends in Utah. While there, I worked on some of the Christmas in July projects, including these fun prints. Since time flies so fast while you’re on vacation, I put off getting the files from my mom’s computer….and didn’t remember until yesterday! So my wonderful mom learned how to attach files in an email to get them sent to me. Thanks, Mom!

Christmas Tic Tacs / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gift #Grinch

I love just how cute and fun these Christmas Tic Tacs are, and you can cater it to the recipient (I would totally give Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop to some people, but there’s some that are just too dang sweet and innocent (love them to pieces!), that I’d rather give them the Penguin Ice Cubes.

Christmas Tic Tacs / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gift #Grinch

Note: I used the following color of tic tacs: Green – Grinch Pills, White – Snowman Poop, Blue – Penguin Ice Cubes

Supplies Needed

  • Tic Tacs (in the box/container)
  • Free Printable Sheet 
  • Tape/Glue
  • Cute Scrapbook paper/cardstock
  • Ribbon
  • Velcro, if desired
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out your paper so it fits like a book around the tic tac box. Use tape or glue to attach the tic tacs inside on the right side, then your poem goes on the left side. Christmas Tic Tacs / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gift #Grinch
  2. Attach your ribbon along the outside. You can use this to tie the ‘book’ closed, or you can tape the ribbon around the outside, then tuck it under the poem and tic tacs….then use a small piece of velcro to close the book.
  3. On your cover, put your circle piece onto a round piece of cardstock/paper for a nice border, then attach it in the center over the ribbon. That’s it!

Christmas Tic Tacs / by Busy Mom's Helper #ChristmasinJuly #Gift #Grinch

This is the perfect gift idea for everyone that you want to give a little something to, but don’t want to spend big bucks on. I’m totally in love with these Christmas Tic Tacs, and can’t wait to give out this holiday season!

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