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Raising Creative Kids Starts with LEGO

It’s no secret that my family is borderline-obsessed with LEGO® pieces and sets. We have tubs full of them from when hubby was growing up, plus a few more that we’ve added to with our own kiddos’ collections. They’re so great for helping their imagination, and can keep them entertained for hours with playful creating. Trust me, raising creative kids starts with LEGO!

Raising Creative Kids Starts with LEGO / by #KeepBuilding #sponsored

I’ve previously shared my reasons LEGO pieces are such a great toy for kids. I stand firmly by it – of all the toys, games and action figures my kids have, the hands-down favorite has always been their LEGOS. As I write this, they’re upstairs building new inventions, towns and flying ships. This week, I was curious if even an hour of free play with basic LEGO pieces would work out well. After all, how many times would you love to have one hour of mommy time, the kids happily occupied and using their imaginations? Plenty, right? So I put this to the test – we got out the LEGO® classic kit with just generic pieces, laid them out on the table, and let them play for an hour however they wanted.

Raising Creative Kids Starts with LEGO / by #KeepBuilding #sponsored

They were THRILLED! Hulk browsed the idea book, taking the general form of a train and creating a ‘train monster’ that evolved into an ‘army train monster’ over the hour. I love that they don’t HAVE to follow specific directions – they CAN, of course, but they can also just get ideas for something new and unique, or totally avoid any directions at all and come up with something all their own.

LEGO® Classic gives builders a “no instructions necessary” building experience providing inspiration that highlights the possibilities of open-ended building to inspire endless play. Ten sets, ranging from $16.99 to $59.99, make the perfect solution for gift-givers or for families looking to add to an existing LEGO® Classic or inspire their child to try building.

Raising Creative Kids Starts with LEGO / by #KeepBuilding #sponsored

I swear my Thor looked just like this little guy in the booklet – he stared at the pieces for a little bit, then ‘oh I know what I want to make’ and went on to build several things by himself. He even kept repeating ‘we can build anything we want!’ Not sure if he was talking to his siblings, himself or the LEGO pieces. He was right, though!

Raising Creative Kids Starts with LEGO / by #KeepBuilding #sponsored

Four kids + aLEGO® Classic + 1 hour = free time for parents. Seriously! I played a little with them, and enjoyed hearing them build and create – all while hubby and I got dinner cleaned up and hung up some drapes. No interruptions at all. LOVED IT!

Raising Creative Kids Starts with LEGO / by #KeepBuilding #sponsored

I was quite impressed with all that they built in that one hour – and they were super excited to show off their creations for the camera. I have to say, I have some pretty creative kids!

Raising Creative Kids Starts with LEGO / by #KeepBuilding #sponsored

We ended up with things like a Frog-Beaver and Bulldozer, as well as a Crawling Fish and Flower plants (top row). Black Widow built a Mr. Freeze Thrown Chair, 4-Wheeler, and even a Picnic Area complete with table, chairs, an oven AND a little pepperoni pizza that could fit into the brick oven (second row). A Transformer Vehicle was another invention, along with a playset slide, fence farm and a satellite (third row). My Hulk focused on his Army Train Monster the whole time (bottom row0, and he’s STILL got it with him as he plays with more LEGOs today!

Raising Creative Kids Starts with LEGO / by #KeepBuilding #sponsored

Need some help to get started with LEGO® Classic in your family? One of the ‘Pro Tips’ from LEGO Master Builders and Upright Citizens Brigade Experts on how to have fun, family improv activity at home:

  • The bricks tell a story. Ask yourself a question and build the answer. Start with something simple like, “What’s my favorite day of the week?” and then build what Thursday looks like to you. Share the story out loud even if you’re by yourself. Why? The act of snapping bricks together helps us come to decisions and formulate ideas faster and more clearly. You’ll find if you set out to build an answer to a question that the building flows easily and you’ll amaze yourself with your skills and insights.

My girl did this with her picnic area and 4-wheeler stuff – it was a ‘summer day adventure’ story!

Don’t forget to check out the Upright Citizen Brigade video  – or see it here!

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