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Customizable Daily Task Charts for Kids

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We’re in full swing for back to school season – gathering their supplies and clothes, making sure backpacks are still sturdy and hole-free, and preparing ourselves for crazy schedules with homework and extracurriculars. To help not only you, but your kids as well, stay on top of things, here’s some fun free printable Customizable Daily Task Charts for Kids!

Customizable Daily Task Charts for Kids / by #PGDetailsMatter #IC #ad

If your kids are like mine, they tend to ‘forget’ what tasks they have – even things they do daily like making their beds! This makes it much easier for them to keep track, having a clear list they can check off – plus you can set specific tasks or chores for each day of the week to divide it out! Make sure you have your favorite P&G Household Needs from Costco on-hand so they have no reason not to get their jobs done.

Customizable Daily Task Charts for Kids / by #PGDetailsMatter #IC #ad

My girl is getting much better at handling dishes herself – it helps to have a quality dishwashing liquid like Dawn Platinum Advanced Power! For the stuff we can just clean in the dishwasher, Cascade Complete Action Pacs are at the ready to do their job.

Customizable Daily Task Charts for Kids / by #PGDetailsMatter #IC #ad

And y’all know how much we love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, right? The kids love using those for their cleaning tasks. That’s another great trick to an easier schedule – not only knowing your tasks by using a checklist or something, but also having the right products AND making it fun – especially for kiddos. If we can have a good time while we clean, rocking out to music, plus only have a few each day, it makes life a whole lot better (and cleaner!).

Customizable Daily Task Charts for Kids / by #PGDetailsMatter #IC #ad

We use to save all of our household cleaning and chores for Saturdays, but then it took up a big chunk of their ‘free play day’. Now that we divide the chores over the course of the week, it’s much less at a time and leaves them more free for getting their wiggles out!

Customizable Daily Task Charts for Kids / by #PGDetailsMatter #IC #ad

Note: These charts print best on an 8.5×11 sheet, and there’s two days on each page.

Download the Charts for Kids: Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, Friday/Saturday, Sunday/Saturday

Now that you’ve got your charts, head out to Costco to stock up on your Procter & Gamble household needs products like Dawn Platinum Advanced, Cascade Action Pacs or Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. You’ll be one step closer to a less stressful school year – with possibly a cleaner house!

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