DIY Avengers Letters

Our superhero-obsessed family has been not-so-patiently waiting for the new Avengers movie coming out this year. Although we aren’t sure if we’ll be able to let the younger kids watch it, they love the trailers, and know their heros almost TOO well from the cartoon! For some themed fun, we made these neat DIY Avengers Letters of their favorites!

DIY Avenger Letters / by Busy Mom's Helper

It’s so funny, because each of our family has THEIR character. I’m Wasp (in the cartoon, hasn’t been in the movies, yet), Hubby is Ant Man (can’t wait for that movie!) and the kids are Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk! If any of our friends/relatives call them the wrong hero, they’re sure quick to correct them. Little nutty kiddos!

DIY Avenger Letters / by Busy Mom's Helper

I love what an easy little craft this turned out to be, and totally budget friendly. You can switch it up to match YOUR kids favorite characters….do just their initial, like I did, or spell out their names!


  • Wood block letters
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes
  • May need a black sharpie/pen

DIY Avenger Letters / by Busy Mom's Helper

Directions – What I Did

  • Black Widow: paint a red base coat, allowing to dry. Don’t forget the edges! Add a black angle facing inside on both sides…creating a red shaped hourglass in the center.
  • Hulk: paint a green base coat, allowing to dry. Add some black ‘hair’ along the top edge. Use purple for his ‘pants’, making the bottom a little jagged. If you want, you can use a black sharpie pen to draw the little drawstring along the waistline of his pants.

DIY Avenger Letters / by Busy Mom's Helper

  •  Iron Man: paint a red base, allowing to dry. Add some gold (or yellow) trim to the sides and maybe the bottom. Add an Iron Man face shape at the top with the gold. Add little white box eyes on the mask, then use a black sharpie pen to draw out the mouth shape.
  • Captain America: paint a blue base, allowing to dry. Do a strip of red along the bottom, then somewhere in the middle do white/red stripes. Add a white ‘A’ for some fun!

DIY Avenger Letters / by Busy Mom's Helper

What Avenger hero would YOU choose to do?

DIY Avenger Letters / by Busy Mom's Helper

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